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When we use an iPhone5, we notice that when scrolling through a list of records it seems like the App/Phone cannot keep up and displays a 'white screen' momentarily.

After a second or so it displays the records / data.

We do not have the issue when viewing the app on our android phones. Even a Samsung Galaxy S3 does not have the issue. (iphone5 seems faster is every way compared to the S3).

Is this something that anyone else has noticed when using iphones? or iphone5?

Any known solutions?


We have an issue where we are missing rows/records. i.e. after syncing in the App, the new rows have not appeared in the Google Drive spreadsheet.

These were records that I created this morning, and I have just checked to see that they sync'd ok (6 hours later) only to find they are not there. I also notice they are also not showing within the App on the phone I used to enter them with.

However, I have just tested by creating a new record, and I can see that this test record was successfully created in the Google Drive spreadsheet.

Missing data like this is a major concern for us.

Can you explain how this could have happened?
Is there anything we can do to avoid this issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

btw, happy to share the app with you, just forward the details.

Many thanks,

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While the original SWAMP website has stood the test of time, recently marking 10 years of steady operation, the time has come to bring our customers an improved shopping experience that is optimised for use on any device. We will be launching a brand new website that not only meets the responsive needs of modern internet browsing, but also improves the usability and clarity of vital information. The new website will also coincide with an update in our back-end systems, which should enable us to deliver an all round improved experience to our customers. #newwebsite #mobilefriendly #SWAMPIndustries

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We are pleased to announce the arrival of the MK2 version of swamps M-series #mixer. We took on the feedback of customers and decided to work on updating the #preamp design to improve the gain response and reduce noise.

The gain structure is now set in a way that allows for more gain overall while also minimising the noise at the typical gain level that would be used with dynamic microphones. This change makes the M-series mixes ideal for use with dynamic microphones (such as the #iSK DM–58 / DM-57 and the Shure SM58 / SM57) in a live sound scenario.

With the onboard 7-band EQ you can tweak the overall sound, while the 1 reverb/delay effect is simple to use and the effect is ideal for live vocal delay, then the AUX/Monitor out gives #foldback option too - the M-Series has all features and performance, and we are pleased to bring this to you at a very attractive price. #mixingdesk #mixing console #analog #reverb

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Getting #cables and #connectors to behave themselves during a photoshoot isn't simple. These well-behaved models now get to be part of the our upcoming promos

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Need a quick custom patch bay solution? Building your own effects pedal board?Why not try one of our new feed-through adapters! These panel mount adapters offer a time-saving solution for all kinds of patching and don't require any soldering. Shop for feed-through adapters and many other great products on our website now! Available in XLR(m-F), XLR (f-f), 1/4" Jack and Speaker (Speakon Compatible).

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Our End of May One Day Sale ends midnight tonight! Visit our website now and checkout with coupon FB-EMS-15 to receive 15% off store wide. Help us get ready to launch our brand new website by taking advantage of these low prices, don't miss out!

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Control room cluttered? Find yourself always looking for that adapter you know you put somewhere sensible? Why not organise your space with a rack mountable drawer from SWAMP, now 15% off! Our drawers come in 2RU and 3RU sizes and feature smooth sliding rails for easy operation with minimal noise. The latch mechanism makes the drawer easy to open and close with a simple push and ensures the drawer will stay closed during movement or transport. Find rack drawers and other great specials on our website now:

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Our popular BM600 and BM700 Vocal Recording Packages are on sale! These packs include a condenser microphone, reflection filter, mic stand, usb interface, monitoring headphones and connection cables, everything you'll need to get started capturing great vocal takes right away! Check out all our Vocal Recording Packages on our website now.

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Check out our new Guitar Speaker Cabinets from JOYO! With a choice of Celestion Vintage 30s or Jensen PQ12 speakers in combinations of 1x 12, 2x 12, 4x 12 and 4x 12 Slanted, we have a JOYO Cab for every setup. Give your amp the best chance to sing with a new, quality speaker cabinet. Shop now on our website!
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