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Just back from a whirlwind trip to Asia visiting our Android ecosystem partners in Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Exciting to see all the high quality Android devices available now, including Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, LG G2, Sony Xperia and many more. Also looking forward to the new devices our partners are launching in Berlin at IFA, played around with them last week and really nice  -- stay tuned; we’ve got a lot more coming!

All this Android innovation is driving tremendous ecosystem momentum and I’m excited to share that together we’ve now passed 1 Billion Android device activations. Huge thanks to the entire Android community from the hardware manufacturers, chip makers and carriers to the developers and content creators to all of you - our Android users around the world - for making this possible. 

On my return from Asia, I was also thrilled to find this guy waiting to greet me on the front lawn -- love the new #AndroidKitKat statue and can’t wait to release the next version of the platform that is as sweet as the candy bar that’s one of our team’s favorites:)
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So it's going to be Android 5 (KitKat) instead of (Key Lime Pie) ?!
Get ready for Android kitkat 
You missed China to visit one of the best (if not the best) Android manufacturers: +OPPO 
Micromax, an Indian Android smartphone manufacturer today crossed Nokia in India becoming the second largest seller after Samsung. 
Pete R.
Sounds funky. I like it. :)
Seriously at this point, I cannot picture what "innovative" features could be introduced....i think this version might be a bit of a let down for the general populous.  I imagine developers and very hard core users will get some cool neat thing, but really at this point, what else is anyone looking for in  "features"?
This has to be a troll post...  Why would Google/Android start using brand names for it's Android Versions?
Annnnnd this is why internet rumors are not worth a dime.
I'm surprised they can use KitKat considering Nestle has been fighting to register a trademark for the shape of the KitKat bar candy since 2006.
+Fedor von Bock that's what I was thinking. Wouldn't that be a problem? I guess trademark laws are only in effect if both names were in the same industry. But Google is not making chocolate here.
Woah! So it's not Key Lime Pie. Wow! Good Job Google for surprising everyone with the next version of Android! 
KitKat is a trademark unless there is some sort strategic partnership going which would be a win-win for both Google and KitKat.
That's great! I love Android and I love KitKat. :-)
Leaves the door open for more!  Zebra Stripes Gum anyone?
Hey does it have anything to do with the fact that Apple send out its invitations today . I guess not 😄

Android 6 - Lion Bar
Android 7 - Mars
Android 8 - NutRageous
Android 9 - Oh Henry
Android 10 - Peppermint Patty
Android 11 - Quality Street
Android 12 - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Android 13 - Snickers
Android 14 - Twix

In an effort to cut costs, Google have changed from home made deserts to manufacturers candy and high fructose corn syrup!
+Sundar Pichai Lmao! You Google guys has really been laughing over us all, expecting the next Android version being called Key lime pie, haven't you!? :-D 
I call bs. Using a trademarked name as the os name??
2 of my favourites, can't wait :-D 
Give me a break! Give me a break! Break me off a piece of that... Wait, hold up a minute. What happened to Key Lime Pie? 
Isn't it like trademark infringement, technically?
Esto supongo que será Android 4.4 Kit-kat
Woah!! KitKat
Din't see that coming......
Seems like a strange choice +Sundar Pichai

Is Google that hard up for cash?  Are you under pressure to monetize Android without creating a licensing fee?

I hope Nestle are paying you a mammoth amount of cash for the millions of webpages that will be created, all keyword stuffed with the name "Kit-Kat"

I hope you have told +Matt Cutts in advance because Kit-Kat is about to get the world largest amount of crappy tech blogs linking with that keyword - of course, the url they link to will probably be Android rather than the chocolate manufacturer but I would hate for your new sponsor to pick up some kind of algorithm induced ranking penalty :)
bummer looks like another iterative release.
This may be a new surprise with KitKat instead of Key lime pie...kool...looking fwd to the new version of +Android and a new +Nexus 5
Oh, is it a joke? KitKat is a Nestlè brand, isn't?
I know that I may be reading too much into this but I always thought that the Jelly Bean code name was chosen because it provided a multitude of combinations (think jelly bellies) with Now showing exactly the relevant info (flavor of the moment).  KitKats look more like stacks to me....specifically service stacks (one layer of goodness placed on top of another).  Could this version contain further improvement between the sensor data and Play Services?
+Corey Bohnert First random thoughts. #NOMNOMNOM  Also, I wonder what is meant by being available to everybody. Maybe the previous rumors were true about a less hardware taxing version of Android?
OMG! When will this be released to AOSP! I need it now. 4.3 is so old news.<\sarcasm>
Pues acaban de hacerlo otra vez, nos han pillado a todos por sorpresa, veremos que nos depara esta próxima versión de Android
Exciting news yummy. ...oops had a chocolate moment. ..about the ANDROID! !
Exciting news yummy. ...oops had a chocolate moment. ..about the ANDROID! !
What amount of money pay Nestle for this marketing campaign ?
You guys trolled all the bloggers who posted klp vs iOS7...whatever 4.4 isn't the one expected... Hoping 5.0 to be a very huge leap..
Android 6 - Lion Bar
Android 7 - Mars
Android 8 - NutRageous
Android 9 - Oh Henry
Android 10 - Peppermint Patty
Android 11 - Quality Street
Android 12 - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Android 13 - Snickers
Android 14 - Twix
I want a kit kat, like now! Great advertising for kitkat
I love the name. Kit Kat rolls off the tongue better than key lime pie. 
Andy L.
To celebrate this ima buy me a kit Kat bar....🍫🍫🍫🍫
I bet a million or so extra kitkats will be sold today!
Wow people got fooled with key lime pie. What ever it is, I'm sure it will be awesome.
Ugh - really Google?  Do enough people really care about the name of the build of Android to make marketing $$ from Nestle?  Good sell on your part, I guess... +Sundar Pichai 
we'd be happy to welcome this delicious chocolate bar as new OS... mmmmmh! hungry! :)
Will this be a big update?
+Sundar Pichai Make android like Linux..bring new versions every 6 months...features limited by hardware any OEM handset. And it's users choice to retain OEM customization or remain pure vanilla...
It's android 4.4.. We have long way to reach key lime pie.. 
Ha! Amazing! He mentions a lot of new incoming devices... and everybody is talking about KitKat :D
but this time please change the ui like in ice cream sandwich 
WOW! Android KitKat never saw that coming. This must be one of the best kept secrets in tech history.
Give me a break give me a break, break me up a piece of that Kit Kat bar
Is Kit Kat paying advertising fees for the privilege? 
Well, I'm not a big fan of the name BUT the good news is: if the statue is on the grass, that's mean >> Update comming soooon !
Yeah :) I love KitKat and I love New Android versions :)
Wait for Android 4.4
Can't believe the obligatory "break me off a piece of that kit-kat bar" joke has not happened in this thread yet.
No Android 5.0? Really +Sundar Pichai ? It's pretty obvious you've missed your deadline, as I'm sure Android 5.0 was supposed to come out this year to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Android, and the launch of Nexus 5.

Also it's been 2 years since 4.0, and now it will be 2 and a half years (at least) until 5.0. What the hell is going on there? 5.0 better be DAMN GOOD, if you're keeping us wait so long.

It also better be 64-bit only - or at least have full support for 64-bit.
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Apparently, users will be able to take a bite from the latest mobile operating system in case of an urgent/emergency chocolate urge. Brilliant, to say the least.
I never tasted key lime pie, didn't even know it existed before they started talking about it. But omg I love kitkat!
This cross branding sucks! Why don't you make a poll and let users decide about the names of future releases?
فطيرة الليمون أو كيتكات ليس بذي أهمية .
هل اهتممتم بما يحصل للإنسانية في سوريا؟
Take a break!
+Sundar Pichai Not kidding. Executives from Nestle and Google met face to face at a secret event held at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February to finalize the details. Nestle plans to deliver more than 50 million chocolate bars featuring the Android mascot to shops in 19 markets.
Commercial just sold out and wen't commercial! lol
A wonderful name and hope it will be amazing OS level. 
Okay, where are the list of features? And does this mean that the #Nexus5  is coming earlier this year?
like we didn't have a 4.3 update in years :P Google going too fast man...
And we had exactly 3 Nexus devices this year already. What the hell is wrong with Google...?? First the N4, then N7.2 now the MotoX. What other Nexus are we expecting now.?
Google trolled the world with the Key Lime Pie bullshit lulz
In England at the moment you can buy a five finger kit-Kat. Yes if you even try eating the whole thing you will feel a bit sick 
I would rather have a slice of key lime pie over a kit Kat bar

Kitkat is good. More people familiar with Kitkat, around the world, than KLP. I get it. 
Awful name. Google is selling out.
My name is Kit Kat... This is not a dream.
When is the next version released? Anyone knows?
Didn't think Google was strapped for cash at all.... let alone desperate enough to stoop to such ridiculous product placement.
Is it April the 1st????
+Sundar Pichai, I just have to ask: When will KitKat release and when will we learn all it's lovely new features?! And is the Nexus 5 going to be made by LG or Motorola? 
+Nate Ford when you open that Kit-Kat bar and find £5 credit for Google play will you feel so bad. So what if they used Kit-kat and if you didn't release Google is first a search and Ad company which makes us be able to get that New Nexus phone for cheap
So now we will have a crunchy experience with android.
Nexus para latinoamerica? Windows Phone avanza en este territorio. Android kit kat queremos que sea liviano y mas ahorro de bateria
Android is now so chocolatey delicious!
My guess is that it's going to be heavily Google Play-related, with the "Have a break" slogan, and Google Play offering many ways to "have a break", e.g. Books, Movies, Games, .etc
Looks like its the favourite snack at googolplex ! But I never liked the kitkat so much until today ...
Yura K
Apple event trolling at its best :-D
Given the emphasis on making Android available to all with the next version update, it's fitting they've chosen a sharable candy bar.
Will the new Nexus4 get a KitKat body ? So i could eat it before i buy a new one ...
Great news. Excited about having the new android experience :)
When can I update my Nexus to 5.0?
Jajaja lo vi hace un rato, andaba en el.oxxo.por kitkat
Awful name and now Android and Google are associated with Nestlé who have a bad reputation for child labour and abuse. 
kiu pnj
I wish you could be a great system in concept differs from system jelly beans
nom nom nom good luck hope the update for s3 did not last as long as 4.2.2 or 4.3 next device will be a pure google device again
Android 4.4 KitKat sounds delicious can't wait to get it on my Nexus 7 and my Nexus 4
Name for next version maybe Ginger Candy... Nice name? 
PS : Ginger Candy is no commercial name like kit kat... ;-) 
PS : Ginger Candy is no commercial name like kit kat... ;-) 
Love it. Totally left field and way better than Key Lime Pie, both as a name and in taste! has a website update. 
I have an idea for the release of version P +Sundar Pichai .....POCKY..........FOR P................
Programmers eat kit kats not key lime pie.  :)
Buy the next Nexus and get 4.4 KitKats free
WTF?!? Google cooperates with Nestle now? Who's next? Monsanto? Tepco?
Seriously, when an I getting my nexus 5? 
+Sundar Pichai is Android 4.4 going to be a minor or major release? Also is Android 5.0 not going to be called key lime pie? And I love kit kats :) 
I was hoping for Android Kinder Egg.
All former names were funny and creative. KitKat is just marketing madness. Every advertisement is bad, always.
Hope it's the tastiest yet!
Get ready for Nestlé suing Google for using their delicious name ;)
Thank you Google and Android for not going with key lime pie. KitKats are awesome and I'm excited to see what it'll bring to my Nexus devices
Excuse me while I go buy a Kitkat.  The marketing worked, damn you.
seems like you skipped China even though it is probably your biggest market in Asia. Sure would like to see more cooperation again with China so i dont have to use my vpn to access gmail.
Visiting China may signify that they miss Hugo Barra
Make a product for billion users...Android has successfully achieved the goal. Go Android! Can't imagine a day without my Android phone.
Rohan M
voila :) My Nexus 4 is waiting to taste this kitkat :)
they  would be all over the place!
Shot out by a confetti cannon!
Didn't see that coming
CS Chua
I hope this is a trend when Google is finally having a 'Think and Execute Global' mentality that is so lacking of all previous Google phones launches.
p/s Kit Kat is a global brand well know in every country in the world.
I'm going nexus for my next phone. So sick of samsung not updating phones.
way to go partnering up with a bunch of baby killers in nestle. well that's the last android phone I buy. might de-google myself while i'm at it.
What??? It is called Kitkat? That was unexpected!
I heard Nestle's CEO is a real scumbag. He thinks water is not a human right and it should be privatized.
Great work on behalf of Nestle and Google. Co-branding is a great idea. Nestle really has picked this idea up and ran with it. 
Now I know for sure that it will be a candybar design phone.
so probably not many innovations so not any reason to buy another Nexus....slow innovations.....
Android has to thank Samsung and its innovations for the market share (touchless display, IR remote - the main reason I have bought one = the only real innovations) 
Looks stuck like notebooks = not any reason to buy one now

losing steam....sadly

not fast enough to provide Key Lime Pie so Google has stepped back for 4.4 KitKat to not let us waiting (hoping) long for the "K" release 

is it true?
+Alex Chapin And....The KitKat website is done in the same style as the Android website.
+Antony Jackson I don't think #6 and #11 will work for the same reason they aren't using Key-Lime-Pie, not known enough everywhere....(I'm in the US and these two brands aren't offered here.)
+Kunal Verma  Do you know micromax 4  and casva doodle 2 are the rebranded versioon od BLU life one and Blu life view This is the reason i hate Micromax
For the next version, my suggestion is to either have a survey and let the people decide what they want to name it OR provide options and let people decide which one they like best :)
Wow, but can It up-gradable from Jelly-Bean 4.1.2 to KitKat???? 
KitKat sounds good than Key Lime Pie.. Love it..
Cant wait to see the new release....good show by android devs
Fruits are better nd healthier than chocklets.
+Stefano Prandi Purtroppo è solamente Android 4.4 :(
Speravo veramente in Android 5.0.... speriamo che arriverà anche lui entro la fine del 2013..
Hope you will make available the new upcoming nexus 10 in India. 
So many whiners here, lighten up, weirdos. The Kitkat site is hiliarious; good for them.
+Roman Kaufmann Oh yeah - and Google writes a virus, that hijacks and destroys all OSes except Android, which will be roundup-ready!
But this advertise-branding reminds me (again), that also "Don't be evil"-Google is just another corporation doing everthing to make more profit.
Mais c fait av du vrai chocolat ou pas???
+Андрей Куликов they don't need to resolve the Android fragmentation....there is almost no reason to update Android.....the real innovations bring mostly manufacturers and XDA which are almost independent on the Android version
Hopes are high to get byte of new Android KitKat and next Nexus device. Try to bring next Nexus device soon to India.
+Roman Kasal Still, it would be one gigantic advantage for the android to be supported through all devices like it is upgradeable on nexus devices or for example apple support with new firmware it devices. Because still there are security threats and still the hardware capable of much more.
This makes me hungry, on many levels.
Xel Os
Google has to push manufacturers, which in turn have to push carriers, to deploy the Android update to capable devices in order for us to enjoy the chocolate. I hope they do so, or our planet will fill with more trash after upgrading our smartphones. Green companies?
This is a disgrace for Google. Nestle is one of the "bad guys" in the food market, just search the Internet for "Nestlé" and "water". Shame on Google to promote this company for no good reason.
KitKat...?? Such a lame name, as if Android was in need for "name dropping" and couldn't have its own name...  :'(

Anyway: it's only 4.4 ... and I won't miss it. When was the last time that Android did something REALLY new on our phones??? It seems that even Microsoft is more creative than Google these days...
Kitto katsu! きっとかつ
I find the name disappointing; should have gone for something fun & "open".
I LOVE KITKAT! Yayyyyy for Android KitKat.
Now I just want a kitkat that damn big!

And for you people calling FAKE, or 'but it's trademarked'
Don't you think Gogle knows that? Duh. Nestle are in on it ofc.
+Cory Weston yeah but so many nexuses, and no quality control :P the older n7, and the new n7 have issues, though of different levels. Light bleeds, dead pixles, manufacturing faults are a few to name.
هل التحديث سيصل جالكسي 4؟ ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
This is so cool!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♦♠♪♣√√√
+Stefano Prandi versioni di android.....Eclair,Ginger Bread,Honeycomb,Ice Cream Sandwich e Jelly bean....5.0 Uscira a Ottobre!:)
This might not be up your alley,but,what is happening with the Google TV upgrade?

Is it stupidly being delayed just because of the two Android updates(JellyBean Final 4.3/ and KitKat 4.4)?
Will there be milk and plain varieties? I tend to favour the plain (dark) chocolate myself. In fact I think I'll have a two finger bar right now! :)
+Kunal Verma sorry but micromax just makes craps phone and still sells gingerbread running phones. They should die.
Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that android phone...
GS4 is not high quality at all...
Oh my gosh its made out of kitkats my favorite
Getting a bit corporate, aren't we? "Name next version of Android, to highest bidder" Is it true?
Timo Ta
Hey sundar, i heard siri is slandering on Google Glass in iOS. When an iPhone user ask "OK Glass..." Siri says something like "Im not glass and this is fucking right" or "winking is useless" is it possible to do the same for Google Now voice search?
Someone asked what features one could be looking for.....How about a way to sync REAL music files to and from your device and more internal storage? I'm all for Google Music (I really like it) I just don't have an unlimited data plan due to cost prohibitions. Therefore, I would like to move music seamlessly and be able to use those files with other players if desired. Just thinking out loud. Otherwise, I love my phone. Anyone know where I could express this desire to Google?
Hello Sundar! I'm content editor of the ad agency in Russia and want to ask you, can I use your photo in the group on the russian social network With attribution of course! :) Thank you!
+Sundar Pichai ; sir we Nexus people & Android Lover are always with you... waiting for Nexus 5 & Android kit kat .....
i wanna eat kitkat......
Timo Ta
Sundar, the quality of the Panorama photos is not that good. I think the single pictures are too less quality. We need 28 MP Panorama like on an ugh...iPhone..
Looks great! I can't wait for kitakat
When will Google Split it common stock?  As a small investor I would like to add more Google, but it to costly.
That is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boo team android yay for apple!!!!!!!!
When release Kit Kat... want in my Nexus 7, in the rest have to wait a port :(
Just looked at review of note 10.1 2014, I really hope multi window and pop out video comes to stock android at some point in the future. I so want to get rid of my pc but need better multitasking before I can do that. And hoping I dont have to go to a Surface tablet to get it. Yes I can get it on the Note but then I get all Samsung's bloatware. I can already see Kit Kat being another incremental update so hoping for some fundamental update that brings this down the line. Just do it :-)
Sir please please consider LADOO for the next android version name.. It sounds good too.. everybody's gonna love it!!
So when is Nexus 5 releasing? Why is it getting delayed?
As everytime  google will bring a new magical experience to us, of android o.s.We are greatly awating for this.
+Sundar pichai  +Vic Gundotra  Google names the latest OS as KITKAT ! wow and to celebrate that launches a contest in 19 countries offering 1000 Nexus 7 (2013) as prize.

UNFORTUNATELY the HOT news coming now says that the winners in INDIA (1000 nos) will ONLY get the old stock Nexus 7 (2012) tablet as prize contrary to what was relayed through the PROMO campaigns !!

WINNERS in INDIA are shocked ! and are already in a war ONLINE to get JUSTICE !!
Is there any participation of android ......on going
super anna ungalal indiyaave perumai adaigirathu
google doesn't respect android developers. They simply terminate devs account even without warning. Please work on this area Mr sundar. If this continues world of android will shift to some other platform. Please develop a developer management system . Only because of small devs like us android is full of apps.... !
+Juan Manuel Tastzian oppo is some crap chinese braND DUDE THAT IS NOTHING COMPARED to the samsung galaxy s5 htc's, the lg's or the nexus five so stop talking about cheap made phones that use chinese people that are paid pennies an hour to make them they are big bull man.
How to update for 5.0 for Micromax canvas nitro a311
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