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Morning of the apocalypse.

Straight out of the camera this am. Beautiful yet ominous sunrise.
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This is BEAUTIFUL picture!!!! Love love the contrast.
Not too bad for a post-apocalyptic landscape.  At least in my neighborhood I'm not reporting any more zombies than usual! :)
My fisherman grandfather would have said "red sky in morning, sailors take warning."
Сергей, привет! ;)
Nice! sorry to talk business - but any idea when we can see the Nexus 4 back on the AU playstore? All I wanted for X-mas was my Nexus :( Anyway hope to get it soon
Dean Mc
waow, spectacullar
A beautiful morning to wake up to +SergeyBrin . Nature is such a masterpiece. Great capture (from Google Glass?) & thanks for sharing :)
Vu Minh
beautiful =))
red sky at night sailors delight, red sky at morning sailor take warning...
The morning after the apocalypse, many people realize that the money ran out. The entire 2013 They will eat canned food and toilet paper. A lot of people will starve to repay a bank loan.
Looking at the view, I thought I woke up on one of the habitable planet of Tau Ceti, post apocalypse on Earth!! 
This apocalypse wasn't nearly as fun as the last one.

I ordered pizza last time.
The cloud formation gives us cryptic message - "Mankind, we fooled ya, real apocalypse will be in the year 2040. Ask Google to invest in teleportation!"
Great shot +Sergey Brin But: there was no apocalypse - over here in Germany its already Saturday. Have a great weekend and all the best.
So the doomsday clock keeps ticking away. Till next year... same time same place. 
Assuming you posted this rigth after taking (G+ tells me 2h ago) without any post processing (the color temperature on the top middle is the oposite of the bottom makes it hard to believe, thus the singularity of this foto) i am wondering where in eastern europe to western asia could you get such a low difusion of sunlight... Nice foto of course.
Better than 2000 (millennium) apocalypse XD
My name is Crystal and I am a photographer in Upstate N.Y.
I am totally impressed with your photos, they are certainly are a work of art. I very much enjoyed looking at your album.
Crystal Clear Imaging
The Apocalypse, or the start of new positive era for the World? I'll go with the latter and welcome new wonderful things and a World that becomes more peaceful with an all-round booming global economy!
"A red sun rises. Blood has been spilled this night." ;)
Nice shot, but no apocalypse so far :-) 
Totally looks like the morning I left Vegas, about a little over a week ago, amazing sky.
Peaceful & profound.
Very cool. Great image!
We have all died! We are living in a dream world now :D
the only apocalypse is when google stop their search engine, gmail, blogspot, and youtube services. this is the true end of the world
lucy in the sky with diamonds
I wonder when are the going to come with the next Apocalypse day. :). Hmmmm. April Fools day maybe...
Looks a bit like the Sierras to me. Where is apocalypse?
What a beautiful picture of apocalypse! is a promise that there will be more days and pictures like this...
View: *****
End of world: *
Customer Service: ****
Perfect picture for Apocalypse Day!! Enjoy the Holidays!
Nice capture Sergey! Would love to have it as wallpaper 1080p :-) 
That's a nice looking apocalypse :)
Thanks for sharing, Sergey. And thanks for making our world a better place, one Google at a time.
guaooo yu should be in to politics,,,
The end of the world as we know it.  That's a truism related to our recognition of ignorance more than our ability to predict the end of the world.
Make it deafult wallpaper on next android version. It's already my preferred wallpaper on Nexus 4...

The south african sunrise was also spectacular!

For this reason show must go on and cannot be interrupted! 
stunning picture - the contrast of the dark clouds above is quite peculiar.
Looks like a painting I would hang on my wall. Thanks Sergey. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Nature give us so many, this pic one of it's kind. Thanq sergey
Please contact me I really appreciate 2 
Thanks, God, for this beaultiful "End of the World"
Sha Lom
I wish us New-Clear peace * blessed with many-more  Beautiful sunrises to come :)
if i can reduce the Android tablet/mobile keyboard by half , would you be interested?
Will you be taking out a full-page ad to announce Google surpassing ad revenue of all print media combined?
Being that you are of Jewish/Russian stock, what influence does Israel and Russia have on your big decision making? This is a serious question based on the fact that much of world commerce now hinges on the world's largest search engine
From the old saying "Red sky at morning Mayans take warning"
Very unique photography for this world famous man of Russian Jewish ancestry - not
it seems like you don't update your Google+ regularly....anyway,happy new year man !
He's too busy screwing over small American businesses to worry about this rediculous, purposeless Google +
+Graham Ginsberg What a heck? Is there legislation, which is somehow different for Google Inc., in the USA, or what? Explain me your problem, and, what is more important, your way to fix it. Or what do you want here?
Colega, tu si que te lo montas bien.
Happy 2013!! go fast and never ever give up. ;)
hum ... i took the same kind of "photo" ... (look at my album) but yours are .... magnifique ! (in french)
How can I get a hold of ANYONE at Google to answer questions about the volume issue in the Galaxy Nexus?? It is becoming so frustrating that Iphones are starting to look good again...
Is there No one in your company that read the threads me and hundreds of others write in your site?

and that is only the thread with 4.1.1, 4.2 did not improve the problem.

Now the question is do you care?
5D Mark III! Nice!  I thought it was Nikon cameras that came with Android though... Tripod? Or does your VR work better than mine at 135mm?
Ominous like a hydrogen bomb cloud from those old army films in the 1950's.
If by 'apocalypse' you mean "consciousness evolution speeding up" then YES! I agree :) 
Can you please have someone contact me regarding Google Books and the Partner program?  

I have tried going through support only to deal with an incompetent Google employee who did nothing to solve the problem; only talk about unrelated issues.

Unfortunately, your support page points to a Google forum that was discontinued in March of 2012.  

I have tried going through the regular steps but it appears as though support is either lacking or ignorant to the various problems in the Google Books area.
Exelente toma eso nos hace hacer conciencia de que hay que cuidar nuestro planeta y arrebatarle a esos pocos la manipulación del medió ambiente.
Can't beat this sunset ;))
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Put that on my pareo!
and with GEOENGINEERING in AUSTRALIA now we are WAKING UP TO THE APOCALYPSE for REAL EVERYDAY NOW :( They are killing us with their experimentation with the WEATHER and our Climate has never been so shit in this Country nor the People. Everyone is now either sick sad or VIOLENT! Thanks to all you MONEYMAKERS and your GREED we are dying slowly so who really cares whether the end of the world comes now brought it on quicker with your FILTHY CHEMICALS YOU SPRAY ON US EVERYDAY! You are murdering me, my mother and my animals here and I do not know how to STOP YOU actually making us wake up to the APOCALYPSE for the LAST TIME. Enough is Enough we are all sick so you can STOP NOW !
que hermosa naturaleza
Андрей Аксючиц Thank HAARP but wait until you HEAR it ????????????
The coming together of multiple colors reminds us how our lives come together each - every day, begins a knew, forward we go.
There's nothing I love more than the sunrise. 
check out the Uriah Heep song - "Sunrise"
Sergey Brin, do you recall if the scene was exceedingly quiet just before you captured the photo?
Its not a morning of the apocalypse, its a new day! :)
THIS IS SO RAD--! And properly framed, it can, and should be displayed in a corporate setting...
Like you Rolands Cuders, I was quite taken w/ the picture..(in fact, I
commented at length on his post; along with the hundreds of others ! But I
finally concluded that it should be displayed in a corporate setting, etc.
Great picture, you tube is now letting me air innerspace 30 minute final edit, check it out under innerspace 30 min cut, and the other is garry mirror show, I am your only friend on this site, the others are weirdos
Igor Ye
Welcome to Mordor
Great picture sergey brin, hello larry page and marrisa mayer is still google ceo, garry hixon the cloistered flying nun from moro bay ca jo jo hixon
I love sunrises and sunsets, beautiful.
Amazing view... Is it from your home?
эххх....чего то вы Сергей совсем забросили плюс...не будет апокалипсиса, не будет, вывезут Славяне, как всегда вывезут.
Lo hermozo de dios los amanecerez Oki
Sam Ako
Breath taking!!
I just feel like drowning in it :)
When will Android come close to taking pictures like this?
Yuriy K
When you start using tripod.
That's where it's at!!!! Absolutely breathtaking!
hermoso atardecer... con todos los problemas que tengo,me gustaria, o desaparecer o estar en este lugar.

Beautiful! God is amazing, isn't He?
It's simple. It is necessary that Google was interested in my proposal. Then see how these ideas will help the world.


The world’s first successful non-statistical machine translation technology

Now the computer will be able to translate any language to any other
language with at least 95% accuracy (at least !) for all types of
sentences – simple and convoluted. S M Zakir Hussain, one of the most
popular writers of Bangladesh, having a readership of at least one million
all over the world, has developed a ‘universal’ algorithm which can be
applied to translate any language to any other language with the desired
level of accuracy. The algorithm resulted from fifteen years of continuous

‘This,’ says S M Zakir Hussain, “is not just a piece of software. Rather,
it is a whole new technology which the world has been looking for over
the last 65 years.”

He has already developed the first sample software on the basis of this
algorithm, which can translate English to Bangla. “The development is not
complete yet,” says the developer, “but it is producing results far better
than the other technologies of its kind.”

He also comments that if an algorithm is not universal, it is not really
scientific. If it is scientific, it will not produce different quality
results in the case of simple and standard texts, respectively.

“Why,” says he, “are we satisfied with gross errors in this case, whereas
we crave for high precision in all branches of science? Because the
universal algorithm has not yet been developed.”

However, we can hope that we have ultimately got what we need. The
Context-Mining algorithm, as he calls it, will also be the basis for the
next generation Robot Linguistics, he claims. The database is external,
and open, so that the user can add more data according to the necessity.

“Globalization has made the world a village, but not a family yet, where
everybody understands everybody else,” says SMZH. “It is sad that we humans
need each other just as a family member needs another member of the
Dang, so you know how billionaires/millionaires visit various extremely poor places, "learn about the culture" and then basically dip out? What if: ..That's why aliens haven't just dropped off a bunch of equipment to us? "We don't have the money or leadership for it", ha!!
Peaceful shot, I could go to sleep looking at it. :)
Excellent! I thought at first glance it was one of my sunset shots from my deck!
Great Winter Solstice shot!
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Jimmy L
Superb shot !  :-)
Wow.... That is one beautiful sunset thank you Sergey for sharing it with us
Amazing moment... in silent ways
In all seriousness Mr. Brin, we are close to a bad tipping point.

I can explain if you would like.

I also have a solution to the Riemann Hypothesis, and if I can work at Google... I will explain it and you can create a new crypto currency based on it.

Lemme know what you think.
Looks like am iphone 6 shot 😏
£c f*°*®€~ ®me sublime sounds like40°z remember then hella durham durham
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