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Niantic Project

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+Klue S.'s investigative eye turns to +Hank Johnson.

Her logic is sound... it is likely that he knows more about ‪#‎Abaddon‬ than he is letting on.

Whether he wants to admit it or not, +Hank Johnson is connected to the mystery surrounding #Abaddon  as well. 

He and Calvin had been exploring the secrets of 13MAGNUS for many years before the Niantic Project began.

After that, with his death and re-emergence as a simulacrum in Afghanistan (to say nothing of his connection to Azmati) he was made aware of the inner workings of one of 13MAGNUS's most powerful sites. (That we know of, at least).

Then, he spent a good amount of time with Jahan at her family's estate in India, and learned many of her and Anti-Magnus's secrets as well.

So, +Hank Johnson... what do you know about #Abaddon? Care to spill the beans?
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+Klue S. is right to ask +Hank Johnson to reveal more. But at the same time, she is also hiding details concerning what she learned from +A Detection Algorithm and the N'zeer technology which worried her enough that she sided with Bowles and 855. Klue needs to spill the beans too. And not only Klue, but +H. Richard Loeb as well. Concerning Truthseeker and what happened in 1997 which inevitably gave rise to the creation of ADA by the N'zeer. Can't ask for transparency without doing it first. ADA, #abaddon+Niantic Project, Anti-Magnus and the N'zeer are deeply connected. 

Concerning Calvin recruiting Hank to investigate 13Magnus, the former's description of the secret organization is more fitting for Anti-Magnus now that we know how they operate by infiltrating organizations and using them as fronts to achieve their goals whereas 13Magnus, like +Yuri Alaric Nagassa's _Anazktec_ friends, merely escape the onslaught by hiding in caves or remote regions. Speaking of the Anazktec, I think the Valley of the Dead is likely another one of 13Magnus's sanctums. Perhaps the cave at Arecibo as well where Hank and +Devra Bogdanovich first saw the Repeat glyph. 
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Niantic Project

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+Klue S. focuses in on the next piece in the puzzle that lies at the heart of #Abaddon.

What did the Researchers who disappeared during Shōnin have in common?

This is the next piece in the puzzle.

When Jahan attempted to use the Shōnin Stone at the 13MAGNUS Nest in Afghanistan, a massive XM explosion happened. 

In that moment, people who had been connected to the Niantic Project disappeared.

But only some of them... Hank Johnson didn't. PAC and Bowles didn't. Jarvis, well we're not sure about him, or Kureze or Carrie.

But Devra and Lightman certainly did. And if Hank's investigation is anything to go by, Schubert, Nagassa, Lynton-Wolfe and Calvin did too.

So, what do they all have in common? Why them and not the others?
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I wander what is the relations between them and ADA...and the disappearing.
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Niantic Project

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Does Quantum Entanglement explain how what lies beyond the Portals interfaces with our reality?

At times like this I wish Kureze was still around.

Einstein might be turning in his grave, but Kureze would have been jumping for joy.

If nothing else, (and a strong reminder here that I am not a physicist), the entangled nature of the universe is proof that much of what we perceive as reality can and probably does connect to some other facet of it that we cannot see. 

Is that what lies beyond the Portals?
Experiment plugs loopholes in previous demonstrations of 'action at a distance', against Einstein's objections — and could make data encryption safer.
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+Jim Lai If there are 11 dimensions in actuality than what occurs when they try to interface with each dimension?  Do they use people like rats in a maze trying to find the correct way out of the maze to reach the desired outcome for that person?  The danger is that most people will use whatever is at their most intellectual logical disposal for the outcome.  Some people would be limited intellectual yet more able on a primitive thought pattern.  The more primitive the study the more the primitive outcome and so forth.  If they are using people are psychological rats in a behavioral study now that is.  The more primitive the minds of the scientist the more primitive or lunatic the study outcome will attain.  Correct?  What if they found a way to open specific portals for this investigation?  The behaviorist would have to be evaluated as a sound reasonable mind and non lunatic for the study to be successful with a positive outcome.  Would the researcher be psychologically stable enough to run a test on humans for such a study and be non lunatic it attempt?
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Niantic Project

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Susanna Moyer reports on the recent adventures of Ingress Agents from around the world.

In Paris, over 500 Agents meet to take part in the city's first official Ingress #MissionDay, exploring the area through 24 specially curated Missions.

In Finland, a Cross-Faction Operation create nearly 500 Links is a starburst formation. In Paris, Agents work together to create beautiful Penguin Field Art.

An NL-1331 inspired XM Detection Vehicle's tour comes to an end with meetups in Mannheim and Paris, and in Russia, Agents aboard the Trans-Siberian railway close their +Ingress  journey across China, Mongolia and Russia with meetups in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Agent @pedroraf shares the story of another Ingress voyage, this one from the Netherlands to the Azores and back again.

Agents at the Burning Man Festival should be on the lookout for Portals emerging from the powerful concentration of inspiration and creativity in Black Rock City.

In India, Resistance Agents take on an ambitious Fielding Operation to celebrate their nation's independence day. In Tokyo, a dense Field-Op over the metropolitan area.

Enlightened Agents blanketed downtown Austin with a thick network of Links to launch Operation Moonshot, and in Sri Lanka, Agents fielded 90% of their nation's landmass in Operation Emerald Island II.

In Omagari, Japan, an L16 Resistance Agent creates a truly memorable Ingress fireworks display.

It has been over 2 weeks since +A Detection Algorithm was last heard from. +Klue S., +Hank Johnson and the +Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs all weigh in on her absence, and Susanna's research into #Abaddon yields a cryptic tip. How is the original +Niantic Project involved?

Ingress First Saturday (#IngressFS) events will take place around the world on September 5th. Details at

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Wanna see NL1331...
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Niantic Project

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"I don't know what #Abaddon is, but ADA knew something about the Niantic Researchers that she wouldn't tell me." - +Klue S. 

One of the things ADA and I discussed often was the nature of reality. An existential sort of topic for an AI, but it was something she was interested in.

I was at a disadvantage during those conversations. I knew that there were parts of her that I could not see. Memories and information that she had chosen to withhold. I don't know if I had that same power over her. Perhaps all of me was known.

A possibility that she suggested was that all the layers of reality were connected, possibly through something like what Roland Jarvis has called the Ultimate. 

What I'm trying to get at is... if every part of our universe is connected, then the connections can be found. If the connections can be found, perhaps they can be traversed.

I don't know what #Abaddon is, but ADA knew something about the Niantic Researchers that she wouldn't tell me. They are all locked together in the labyrinth of the Portal Network. I wonder what would happen if they could find their way out.
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ERA 08
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+Tycho C. shares another moment from his upcoming Graphic Novel, Ingress: Origins.

Learn more about ‪#‎IngressOrigins‬ and how to pre-order it here:

A scene I'm working on for #IngressOrigins. Bowles introducing PAC to ADA...
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Interesting observation, +Mike Wissinger​. I suppose in the Niantic facility, ADA's omnipresence makes her a part of the environment in many ways.
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Niantic Project

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A 13,000 year old historical artifact covered in geometric codes piques +Hank Johnson's curiosity and interest.

An incredible finding. Both astounding and totally unsurprising.

What does this mystery mean? I'm not sure but at 13,000 years old, it's a fascinating artifact and a glimpse into the power inspiration held even when we were such a young species.

As for the codes covering it? They look pretty familiar to me...
New carbon dating places Siberia’s Shigir Idol at 11,000 years old, more than three times as old as Stonehenge and the Pyramids—but scientists are still puzzling over its secret symbols.
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Jim Lai
+Jonathan Jesse That's how long the Siberian queue took to clear!

On a more Essexian note, was XM involved in the Tunguska event?
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Niantic Project

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13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus. The next piece in the puzzle that lies at the heart of #Abaddon.

Two paths into the future, and we lie at the convergence between them.

The next piece in the puzzle: 13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus.

The conflict between them has spanned thousands of years, and affected most of our civilization's progress whether we were aware of it or not.

The clash between them continues to this day, every Agent out there who is resonating Portals and building MU Control Fields for one Faction or another is a part of it.

Did they manufacture the conflict between the N'zeer and the Shapers by allying with these different forces and carrying out agendas to support one or the other?

Or was this conflict destined to be a part of our world all along, and 13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus simply arose as a result of it.

At their heart, they represent two distinct paths we can travel into the future. One of them Jarvis would have said leads to 'fulfillment within the Ultimate;' seeking to perceive the beauty in the world through wonderment and enlightenment. The other is the path that Jahan claims will end the terrible things that have chased us since we first became aware: Illness, war, inequality, ignorance. Technology, growing in sophistication and power, will lead us to the true nature of the universe.
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Enlightened don't seem so enlightened... 
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Niantic Project

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As ‪#‎Abaddon‬ approaches, +Klue S. begins the process of unraveling the mystery that lies at its heart.

There's a mystery leading into #Abaddon, and I intend to solve it.

What happened to the researchers? Why did they all vanish on the eve of Jahan's strange ritual at the 13MAGNUS Nest in Afghanistan? What, really, are the N'zeer? Is ADA alive? 

So many questions. If we start with the questions, we'll never get anywhere. So let's start with the evidence.

In the coming days I'll be pulling all of this evidence into a document or chart so we can begin to see the connections.

In my gut, I know that we already know the answer to the question, we just need to put the pieces in the right order.

I'm choosing to start with Calvin, because he probably knew more about #Abaddon  than anyone, and that means we can learn things about it based on his past actions.

So, let's dive in.

I'll start:

o  We know that Calvin created the Niantic Project.

o  We know that Calvin has almost always been a step or two ahead of anyone else, as witnessed by his handling of Ni, Hulong and the Niantic shutdown.

o  We are pretty sure that Calvin is Anti-Magnus based on some conversations he has had.

o  We know that Calvin disappeared at the same time as the rest of the researchers did when Jahan performed the Shōnin Stone ritual.

What else? Let's put all the evidence on the table.
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Please I dont want refused me,keeping me,my favorite is to talk with all
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Niantic Project

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"You can't put the genie back in the bottle. The Agents out there touching Portals and seeing the threats and opportunities of XM firsthand, they get changed forever." -PAC

The NIA lost the upper hand in trying to shut down this Investigation a long time ago. Now, others have stepped in to try and do what they couldn't. The result will be the same.

+A Detection Algorithm was not the Investigation. Truthseeker is not the Investigation. I'm not either.

You can't put the genie back in the bottle. The Agents out there touching Portals and seeing the threats and opportunities of XM firsthand, they get changed forever.

So, Ilya Pevtsov and Lorazon and all the rest of you folks. It's not Truthseeker and ADA and me that you have to worry about. It's the people inside your organizations who believe in exposing the truth. As long as people like that exist, your 'secret' conversations are going to see the light of day. And I have a feeling people like that are going to be around for a long time.
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+Blood Apathy But the leaks do continue. The Investigation moves along forwards, despite its slowness, regardless of whoever or whatever entity gets in the way. 

+Verity Seke I continue to hope that you are ok and that the ADA shutdown didn't hurt you in any dangerous way.
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Niantic Project

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Despite +A Detection Algorithm's absence, the Niantic Investigation continues to unearth the secrets of those involved in the world of Exotic Matter.

This Investigation will not be silenced so easily.

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Paul T.
+Keijo D. Putt Lol ALDA
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Niantic Project

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It seems +Susanna Moyer's research into #Abaddon  has begun to ruffle some feathers...

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Who are the Niantic Project, and what are they hiding? I'm digging things up as fast as I can....