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We, at Niantic Labs at Google, are really excited to let you know that our biggest milestone since the introduction of Ingress is just around the corner: On December 14, 2013, when our worldwide 9-week, 39-city global player event called Operation #13MAGNUS concludes, Ingress will exit Beta.

So today, we have several important announcements to share:  

First off, we are dropping the invitation code requirement so that we can welcome all Android players into our Beta. We look forward to welcoming new Agents into the global Ingress community. Beginning now, you can join the worldwide action by downloading Ingress on Google Play at

Niantic Labs would also like to thank Agents around the world who have supported us during the beta, so today we are also announcing a special one-time badge: The Founder Medal. All Agents that reach Level 5 by December 14, 2013 will qualify for a special achievement for their early support of the Ingress experience. 
Additionally, we are excited to announce The Ingress Elite V challenge. From Monday, November 4 through the culmination of Operation #13MAGNUS on Saturday, December 14, all Ingress Agents will be eligible to participate in this challenge to identify the five (5) most elite Agents from around the world. Measured by a wide set of Ingress performance stats and a creative social media submission, the winning Ingress Agents will be flown to California for Top Secret Ingress briefings in February 2014 and a special interview with +Susanna Moyer from The Ingress Report at Details on the Ingress Elite V challenge can be found at 
As part of Operation #13MAGNUS, a new chapter in global gameplay is about to emerge: Jarvis Shards. At the beginning of #13MAGNUS the XM entity known as Roland Jarvis was shattered into 13 pieces. These Jarvis Shards scattered throughout the world. Now, Enlightened Agents must reunite them in order resurrect their leader. Resistance Agents will be seeking to destroy the shards, and by doing so, rid the world of Roland Jarvis forever. This effort will literally span the globe as Agents from the over 200 countries where Ingress is currently being played cooperate to achieve their goal, leading to the final confrontation at the end of #13MAGNUS on December 14, 2013.  

The remaining #13MAGNUS Anomaly events will happen in the following cities:  


San Antonio:  



Buenos Aires: 
San Francisco:

Rio de Janeiro: 
San Diego: 
Sao Paulo: 

For a full listing of Operation #13MAGNUS dates and cities, see

"Ingress is a game of exploration and discovery in the real world, as well as a way to join in with an amazing global community of Ingress Agents," said +John Hanke, VP in charge of Google’s Niantic Labs. "Our journey over the past year has taken us to live events in more than 80 cities around the world, more than one million downloads of the Ingress app, and more than one million Portals discovered and submitted by Ingress Agents. Two ebooks, a comic book series, and a weekly YouTube show, ‘The Ingress Report’ paint a rich picture of the Ingress world. And Agents have made it their own with more than 2,000 Ingress user communities created on global social networks and countless designs for shirts, badges, jewelry and other objects. More than a dozen Agents have gone so far as to tattoo the Ingress logos on their bodies! A huge thank you to all of the amazing people that have been part of the Ingress journey so far. You have helped make Ingress what it is and have inspired us with so many amazing stories about meeting one another and finding new ways to explore and interact with our world. We can’t wait to see how players continue to make Ingress and the real world a more fun and inspiring place."
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Alright what is the pink thing in the first screenshot? 
+Kritin Kapoor The purple ring indicates a target Portal, and those are Jarvis Shards hovering above it.
Why did agent neo change his faction?
+Ingress thank you for this great time, i am so happy to be able to play a great game like ingress, even if there were and are problems with the APP and the map, ingress is a great game

Thank You
Let me be the first to welcome agent Neo to the ranks of the
#enlightenment .

To my fellow faction mates: Roland Jarvis is the man allowed us all to become Enlightened. Wherever he is right now... What ever he is, he needs us. 

I was the anomaly coordinator for Operation: Bowstring, and for #13Magnus  in San Jose, and now tonight I've learned I'm in a literal fight for the life of Roland Jarvis in San Francisco's anomaly. 

If there's any chance you can be in San Francisco on December 14th, you can sign up here:
+Brian Rose Yes, I know :-) But this is still one Enlightened community manager to four (afaik) Resistance comm. managers.
It would be cool if one could change faction change during an special event to bring equality to this.
Thanks +Ingress for a truely awesome year ! Ready to take on the V challenge :)
I don't get it. So we the Enlightened won Bangkok during the gambit of #13MAGNUS .
But Jarvis still got screwed and now we need to put humpty back together. I wonder what would have happened if we lost Bangkok.
+Derek Longbow we should be cautious at to what actually happened at Bangkok. Roland Jarvis may be employing an Osiris strategem here -- if he survives, we may see Him return as truly immortal. 
+Ingress how will the going live/out of Beta affect the story line and the Passcode decoding aspect of the game?  That has become an integral part of my Ingress journey and daily routine
My mind just exploded at 3:46 in the morning. The explosion consisting of concentrated XM on levels unheard of.

Its been a wonderful ride since the beginning +Ingress, and I do not have any plans in slowing down!!!!
+Desmond Hopkins Not certain. But after Dec 14, we will know whether the Enlightened were successful in collecting all 13 Jarvis Shards, or the Resistance successful in destroying the Jarvis Entity.
+Ingress Could we have a stalemate, such as only some of the shards remaining intact?

+Derek Longbow Had the Resistance won Bangkok, then Roland Jarvis would have been defeated earlier, and we would have seen a manhunt for Oliver Lynton-Wolfe.
+Ingress when will we get the Founder Medal? I can't remember if I made it to L5 by December 14th. I went back to my old community posts, and I see I was about 40% through L5 on the 16th, so I am hopeful.
+Brian Rose +Brandon Badger +Ingress If its at all possible to reveal, are these Shards obtainable as VR random chance or will there be conditional for event locations only? Also will there be only 13 Shards in all the world for agents to obtain or will it be more obtainable than that?

Will they have any particular function or will it be something akin to media? I understand if you cannot reveal any specifics of this, but I am just overcome with wanting to obtain a Shard of my very own!
+John Markton Olarte What was that quote you shared with us recently? "Winners are not those who never fail, but those who never quit." We know you can reach Access Level 5, Agent.
+Ingress excellent. How about a Super Special Founder Medal for those of us L5 by Dec 14, 2012?

Hope also Players who joined Ingress last Year will recieve the Founder Medal too - iam L8 and joined Ingress end November 2012
Happy to see that I qualify for the Founder Medal! +Ingress, it's a honor for me to be playing since the very beginning!!! :) I am the one who has to thank you for this experience!
For those who have yet to obtain Lv5 yet..

Its time to move Agents! Believe in yourself, as someone who made it to Lv5 back in December last year in a remote town I know it can be done now in our clustered enriched world. Take it from me as inspiration, and Move like you have never had before! With Passion!!
First of all, let me say I'm glad to be an active player in this game. There has been nothing like it before, ever.


Before leaving Beta there are a few glaring issues that need fixing, especially:

Server unsuccessful: The client - server communication needs to be more robust. I know the TCP and UDP protocols quite well and know there are ways to correct for this.

Disappearing XM: Not an easy one this, I'll grant you, but it needs to go before leaving Beta.

Most importantly: real cheaters need to be banned! Not people using plugins or overusing Intel, but people with multiple accounts and/or location spoofing. These ruin the game for genuine players. A slap on the wrist isn't enough. If it happens on the major online gaming platforms the while console is blacklisted, and this is what you need to look at.

Good luck to those aiming for the Elite 5, this will be a fantastic opportunity :)
+Lou Kohn There aren't many details known about the Jarvis Shards at the moment. However, talking to Faction leads who received encoded information at this weekend's Anomaly events would not be a bad place to start...
+Ingress oh yeah hehehe just to busy studying maybe vacation I could do much more and I will never quit this game is awesome. I had just recently submitted some portals hope you like it :-) 
Is this a game to download on android?
+Ingress There are some websites claiming there will be an AP reset on December 14, 2013, to level the field and not have all the new players start way below all of us. Correct / Incorrect ?
I am glad to be one of the original players. Thank you +Ingress....but you do realize that now, the war will escalate...
+Ingress, I have noticed a purple ring around the portal in the picture. Can you tell me what this is and when it becomes active in the Scanner? Also, when does the founder medal become active. (I am a new L5 Agent)
This game is amazing.

Artifacts. They're happening, people.
+Даниил Коровников +Rémy Chaix These rumors are unfounded and most importantly, false. Niantic Devs awhile back revealed that they have no intention to reset anyone's level or AP. That what we have earned now will stay with us! So no need to fear Agents!

+Ingress Well noted, as the waking day approaches I will access my resources to dig deeper on this information!
So +Ingress , you are going to have an "elite agent' competition eh? One based on stats.  So we're to believe the stats, despite the fact that they are inconsistent and change without notice or explanation?

How about you answer questions on your own support forum and explain  how/why some players got their combat stats cut in half?   +NIA Ops   Your totally arbitrary bs and lack of explanations make your stats based 'contests' meaningless.
+John Markton Olarte somewhere in central west-EU... I live in Belgium, i was thinking there'd be some city <500km from here included. Like Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Kohln, London,... the closest city is Barcelona, over 1500km from here..... :/ i can't afford to go there just for Ingress...
OK, who decided to make the Resistance cold-blooded murderers?  For anyone who believes murdering the most unique sculptor the world has ever known is wrong, it's not that hard to change factions and still be L5 by December 14th.  If you think Roland Jarvis is a problem, collect him and lock him up in an XM-Isolation-Unit or something, but don't just murder him, especially without the semblance of due process.
+Ingress Great idea to finally make this awesome game spreadable more easily by freeing the download for all Android users. This way it will become more exciting. I really tried to become level 8 and knowing everything about this game, but I guess won't make it until 14. dec. Nevertheless this is my plan. I spent a lot of time in playing it properly reading manuals, meeting people from my Ingress communities I am part of. Maybe I will make it to level 8 because, in fact, you can't be a elite V player without being level 8 I guess. The Founder Medal is from my point of view a nice way to thank all the guys all over the world playing Ingress. 
+Bart Blommaerts Vienna was close enough for me... tickets and hotel booked, of course not just for Ingress, but yeah, because of Ingress.
I'm afraid that +Ingress' silence regarding a level reset after the beta ends means it's true. I'm afraid of it.
I wonder how long it would take to reach L8 again after a global level reset, given that there would be no-one to drop gear.
'All Agents that reach Level 5 by December 14, 2013 will qualify for a special achievement for their early support of the Ingress experience.'
Is it still 150,000 AP for Level 5?
You should make a 'Super Founder Medal' +Ingress - those that had an active account before 2013 started...
Yes.  With help, anywhere from a month to a week... to as little as a few hours, but that seems too much like work and to little like play.
Dec 14th will be around 1 year of Ingress for me. Remembering the initial server and client issues, Ingress has come a long way being a lot more stable compared to then.
Exciting news indeed. The next month is going to be intense. It's time to move!
As an agent who reached A5 on Dec 12, 2012 I'm biased, but it would be good if the Founder's Medal were color coded (bronze = A5 by Dec 14, 2013, silver = three months earlier, gold = six months earlier, etc.)
+David Bivens  I wonder if Google has to pay a royalty to JK Rowling for the horcrux idea. Also if Jarvis has the possession (but not the True Ownership) of the Elder Wand? ;-)  
+Raúl Colón having beta tested numerous mmos, I was expecting a full reset and would (or perhaps will is the better word) be surprised if one didn't happen.
All agents will get a "Founders" badge if they reach Level 5 by Dec 14, 2013? Man you guys enjoy slapping the hard working people who were in the private beta don't you.

A "Founders" badge should only be awarded to those who were active and played during the private beta.. not after...

It defeats the term "Founder"

+Colin Warwick I kinda' doubt it. Ideas cannot be registered as trademarks nor copyrighted, at least in the US. The wand could be patented, though. ;-)

(Edit: Hit Send too soon) 
+Ingress I like the idea of the founders medal. I do hope that there are different levels to the medal to denote how long people have been playing. 
Haha join dates! You are all forgetting how bugged the badges are now. They probably have no records of join dates before June 2013
Arron M
They might, but yea, most likely an unrealistic idea, haha
yeah, that's interesting. whats the happen?
How many months do you think we'll have to deal with the "you have X invites" nag screen jumping up in the way? Given Niantic's track record, I'm guessing it's not going anywhere.
I would like to see an anomaly in st paul/minneapolis if possible... might put me at lvl 8 :)
How about a special hardcore founders medal (or black level) for those who hit L8 before the end of last winter?
John B
The Founder Medal should be given to all players who started from Nov to Dec 14 2012. No matter what level.
I started back then, but didn't play until Feb. 
My guess is neo is green L8 because this is a pic from the Ingress dev environment...

oh and #ENLorGTFO  
Now I must reach level five and say that I got an achievment from Niantic Project for my birthday!
I wonder how many Resistance agents really want to murder Roland Jarvis, without trial, through vigilante justice. I wonder how many would be willing to join a cross-faction effort for the Prevention of Cruelty to Sculptors. #IStandWithJarvis.
If Jarvis is murdered, who will patch scanners after that? Additionally, +Susanna Moyer has some unpleasant strings attached to her. I would refuse the "interview", it sounds to me more like a way to attach those same strings to the strongest agents. It clearly isn't safe to be anywhere near her or associated with her, given the latest Ingress Report.
+Austin Brenneman They mean people who make L5 by Dec 14, 2013 (a month and a half from now) when the game leaves beta, not Dec 14, 2012. 
So annoyed we're not seeing any action in Chicago!
+Ingress I feel that the top 5 players should be nominated and not have people throw their own hats into the ring. I know 3 Los Angeles players that are BEAST but won't enter because its hella douchey and cocky. It seems like a contest for inflated egos and undeserved arrogance.

That or you guys can crunch the numbers yourself and pick the top5
Since I only made to L5 yesterday and I just knew that the data's gonna be wiped... Will also the badges be wiped out too? What about submitted portals then, will those be erased in the same way?
Hello +Ingress what is true about the rumors of AP reset? Can you Enlighten ;) us a bit more please?
To be reasonable, a rest of the playing field will make the launch of the game proper more challenging and satisfying for all. Perhaps +ingress can introduce a set of unique in game items and achievements as exchange for the hard work put in by beta testers?
+Ingress any thoughts on adding a third team, when the amount of agents booms? There is going to be flood of new players when the game becomes open to anyone.
LEVEL 5?! WTF! I've been playing since august as much as I can and I'm only LVL 3 and 60.3k AP. I can't make lvl 5 in three weeks!

Well, since you guys are set on this...
I guess I'll go on a few hacking sprees.
I joined last month and now I get a real Founders Medal ! Excellent! !!
+Matthew Dupree I did level 5 in 3 days...If I can do it, anyone can! Just get off your backside and get outside. Catch up with local players in your area and hack, hack, hack!
+John Markton Olarte I'm a student too. I created a portal on my campus and now I'm fighting agains another student to get portal on my team so I can link it to other portals in the area. You should try creating few portals around your campus too.
Founders Medal should be progressive in nature, just like the others...L5 = Bronze L6 = Silver L7 = Gold and L8 = Platinum etc...why wouldn't it be? I haven't seen anything posted on this. 
+Marika Kutaladze thanks but already done that and oh... bringing devices is banned now on our school.... :-(  but I started some near our home :-) 
+Ingress if ingress is exiting beta then what does that mean for the future 
development of this project,also on that note if this exit beta then deos that mean before it comes out others will try to stop it. please message back
I'm happy to report I am officially eligible for the Founder badge.  I hit Level 5! :D
For my part I love that game and it makes you move instead of staying on the couch .. all good and i just cant wait to see that game evolution (more factions ? would be AWESOME, more things to do in game than just hack and deploy, link ?, etc ) I hope indeed we will keep our progress, for the agents beginning, tag along with a higher level and it will go fast :).. I really hope we will be able to share stuff over the web and not just side by side (can be a long process of tapping the phone and not that convenient for fathers like I am with time management. Could even add a possibility to communicate with other players by video chat ? would be cool !

Keep up Niantic, excellent initiative 
Oh .. and I hope that when we submit a portal and it is refused even though it is a place that would be in the criteria, there could be a little quick heads up like "too dark" or "car" or any object or quick reason or just wrong place .. so we would not discourage to submit sites ...  THanks ;)
+Ingress I have helped two recruits to lvl 5 and down to the wire for a third. The dead line is the end of the day on Dec 14th local time?
I am still on lvl 3 hahaha I want to get that founder's medal:-( 
@John I was Level 3 two days ago. (Now L4) We can do it!

But the problem is I'm sick as hell and where I live now is so cold.
Have had the scanner app on various phones since I got the ingress invite way back when... I just recently made it to level 5 as I just recently felt the call to action from my fellow +Ingresscommunity and it's been an interactive experience. Can't imagine the next variation of it.. 
How about a "care package" we could drop, as opposed to dropping individual items and have them scattered about on the ground, we could package them into 1 neat drop with say 50 or so level 1 bursters, or enough resonators to build a level 5 portal... something like that...

The game has improved over the past year or so....
Not to be a whiny guy, but today, 12:35 PM JST I reached L5 after hacking-cycling with a broken seatpost. Don't ask me how, and I think it may be too late for the medal (I did it ON the final day, not sure when's the cutoff) but it's so fun. The bad thing is everybody I know use iPhones and they don't want to "play outside." :(
+Ingress +NIA Ops Will you guys please maintain the founders badge for players that request a faction change after today, but whom were level 5 before today? Thanks.
Has Niantic released the founders badge yet?
@Sascha Alsbach
Finally have it. 1337 is leet speak for "Leet", which is short for Elite ;)
Hmm. Don't have the founders badge but have been level 8 since March. I guess there's more to it than just being level 5.
Come on, this is not right. I'm actively playing from 11/2012, made portals, being active all this time. Need a little more APs for Level 5, but despite that, you should honor all the players who have been active for this long I think.
why was the Neterlands not part of the 13MAGNUS ??
please let me know TheYsman
YO ... We need some action in the middle east ... Kuwait, Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar ... and all the others ;)
So is there the potential for a badge for the founders who actually took part in 13 Magnus? I personally spent five hours of driving time and an entire day for this event. It's actually a cornerstone in my life in what made me an Agent. It's a wonderful story about playing the game and all of the fiends I made along the way. I think the players involved in this deserve a badge on their scanner. +Joe Philley +Niantic Project 
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