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How to be a Demo God
This post is for anyone who has to give a good demo, whether at DEMO or anywhere else. Demoing is an essential skill to launch a product, raise capital, make a sale, garner press, and recruit employees, so you must get good at it.

Create something worth demoing.
If you want to be a demo god, create a great product to demo. Demos are excellent PR opportunities, but use them when you’re ready, not when an opportunity occurs. If your product is mediocre and you don’t do a demo, only you will know that it’s unremarkable. If you do a demo, the whole world will know it.

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Guy Kawasaki

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Can technology save McDonald's?
McDonald's chief digital officer, Atif Rafiq, reveals how the embattled fast-food chain might revamp its restaurants by 2020.
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+Justin Gilbert price and condition? What does that even mean?
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Guy Kawasaki

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Ladies of the court rejected by Lego.
A proposed set celebrating women of the Supreme Court flunks the company's "Acceptable Project" guidelines, reflecting the view that the high court has become political.
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Well, a bit bad for Guy for posting this with a semi click bait kind of headline toying us into thinking that there might be some scandal involving viewing women in court as politics, which is clearly not the case. Fool me once.. Ok, but don't do it again. :-)
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Guy Kawasaki

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Nutella FTW!
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Nutella is nice,, but I would take fresh grated milk chocolate on top  any day.
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Guy Kawasaki

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Thanks for your support, Guy!  If anybody wants to dive a bit deeper, check out the video about the BETTER and FASTER:
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Guy Kawasaki

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A legitimately good list of tips here! Thanks +John Haydon for these 18 #facebook news feed #marketingtips

The first 3 were of course the ones that just have to be said for the sake of mentioning them. The "Caption Contest" idea in #5 was a creative one that I have never seen or thought of really! Looking forward to trying that out on our +Statricks account. 

I think about 11 of the 18 were truly solid, actionable, new (to me at least) techniques that I will be able to try! I was honestly pleasantly surprised. It seems so rare to get tips with such substance from articles that seem way too good to be true - like "link bait" type titles. Heh. 

Then, topping off the News Feed optimizations with the simple fact you mentioned in the beginning and end of the post about using #emailmarketing   to promote specific top performing posts, which would then drive your organic and consequently "viral" reach up for the post due to engagement with it was great! 

I would never have thought to link to a +Facebook post I don't think. I will have to give each of those a try and report back to you on how they do. ;-) I'm really just getting started with the social media marketing stuff. Have been constantly tied up with getting our system going for analyzing online marketplace prices that social media has taken the back seat. 

But we have some new and pretty interesting features that are just being released which show products' prices in a "heatmap" style, allowing you to graphically see how prices vary (and where there is *money to be made*) by buying or selling in different regions.
( Not much data yet on the +Google Glass  so I'll have to find another fun item when I try your technique -- blue book and price distribution for the explorer edition 2s: )

It will hopefully make for a good eye-candy type post! Let me know if you have any requests and if we don't have it in our dataset yet we can whip up a custom analysis :) 

#socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing   #startuptips   #growthhacking   #buyselltrade   #ebay   #craigslist   #datascience   #googleglass   #marketprice  
Discover 18 tips and tactics to help you gain more visibility for your posts in the Facebook News Feed and boost your Facebook reach.
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Have them in circles
6,870,021 people
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Guy Kawasaki

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Great trick for photographers.
How to set your white balance right on the money by using a gray card and sync, and AutoSync.
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i see gold all the way :)

seriously, the affordable and portable video camera was the first device that presented the issue in a way that was understood by almost anyone. Modern cameras should be smarter on setting automatic white balance. 
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Guy Kawasaki

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50 Of The Most Beautiful Twitter Banners Of 2015 So Far

#Design   #DIYdesign  
With over 288 million monthly active users on Twitter, you're going to need to figure out a way to stand out.
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Guy Kawasaki

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A model of education sprouting in the most unlikely of places.
Amid the obstructionism and violence of Afghanistan, Aziz Royesh has set up a school in Kabul that has won worldwide acclaim.
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Guy Kawasaki

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Know how to say hello before you go.
There are a number of ways to say hello around the world, and just as many ways to show them. These traditional greetings have become cultural norms.
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It's the little things
Hello, please and thank you; the three words I make sure to learn in any country I visit.
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LIVE on #Periscope: Enchantment and Entrepreneurship from Old Dominion
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Guy Kawasaki

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Meerkat hits a wall with Twitter.
The founder of the the live-streaming app tells Fast Company what his next move will be now that Twitter threw a kink into his plans.
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Empower people.
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