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Google for Entrepreneurs
Google is committed to empowering entrepreneurs around the world through programs, partnerships, and our products.
Google for Entrepreneurs has programs all over the world to foster entrepreneurship, empowering the next generation of innovators to be successful.

Whether it is...
day-long mentorship events for small businesses owners, 
sponsoring Startup Weekend to double their presence around the world, 
free workspace for startups at Campus London,
tech-training for women entrepreneurs in India, 
or using Google products to grow businesses, 
we love working in local communities to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

This G+ page is a place to share updates on projects you can participate in, talk about trends we see in business and entrepreneurship, and to hear from you- entrepreneurs around the world! 

Given the volume of feedback we receive here, we may not be able to respond individually to every comment and we're not able to provide product support. Rest assured we're paying attention, and we're always eager to hear from you.


 Let’s shine a light on female founders. Announcing #GoogleDemoDay ,  featuring top women-led startups from around the world. Apply today:
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Congrats +Tatiana Birgisson and +Mati Energy.
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Entrepreneurship is global. We're proud to support The Nest i/o + ​ as they work to build the next generation of entrepreneurs in Pakistan. 

Discover a new journey: #MadeInPakistan  
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Technology allows any space to be an office, but not without challenges.

Munir Usman, Karachi entrepreneur and CEO of  shares advice after hiring more than 500 remote workers for companies around the globe: #MadeInPakistan  
Technology allows any space to be an office, but not without challenges. Munir Usman, Karachi entrepreneur and CEO of, shares advice...
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"+The Nest i/O is a place where we are nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs who will one day create multimillion dollar businesses that will go global."- Jehan Ara, President, The Nest I/O #MadeInPakistan  
Jehan Ara deserves a large amount of credit for nurturing and building the startup ecosystem in Pakistan.
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Entrepreneurship is global. This week, we're featuring inspiring stories and news from +The Nest i/O . Stay tuned to discover one of the world's most unique startup scenes:  #MadeInPakistan  
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q chebre
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Keep pushing forward; we're cheering you on. Explore the right tools and resources to create your own opportunities: #LetsDoThis  
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+felix cordova  ? 
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We value starting small but dreaming big. We’re here to help you thrive. Discover a startup community near you: #LetsDoThis  
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This is great for any business starting up. If you need exposure, great place to start is Google. 
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Meet your customers at the moments that matter. Join a session to discover how to be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching for the things you offer. 

RSVP here:
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Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world.
Meet the entrepreneurs of Karachi and +The Nest i/O that are bringing the startup ecosystem to life in Pakistan: #MadeInPakistan  
After attending college in the U.S., Pakistani-born tech entrepreneur Umair Aziz returned to his home country to start one of Asia’s fastest-growing startups. Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports from Karachi on how some are hoping to tap the labor potential of the country’s young population.
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Discover how Pakistan’s startups are rewriting their country’s new story: #MadeInPakistan  
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RainbowMe asked the question: "why don't any superheroes look like us?" They are working hard so that the next superheroes are reflective of our diverse communities. 

Introducing an online platform to empower children from all ethnic backgrounds. Let's create the next generation of superheroes:
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+karabo given We absolutely agree! Is there an entrepreneur or organization that inspires you?
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Middle East #startups! We're teaming up with +TechWadi to travel across the MENA region with Silicon Valley pioneers for a traveling bootcamp and tour of the Middle East startup ecosystem, and we want you there. RSVP for a session and spread the word:
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