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Google for Entrepreneurs
Google is committed to empowering entrepreneurs around the world through programs, partnerships, and our products.
Google for Entrepreneurs has programs all over the world to foster entrepreneurship, empowering the next generation of innovators to be successful.

Whether it is...
day-long mentorship events for small businesses owners, 
sponsoring Startup Weekend to double their presence around the world, 
free workspace for startups at Campus London,
tech-training for women entrepreneurs in India, 
or using Google products to grow businesses, 
we love working in local communities to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

This G+ page is a place to share updates on projects you can participate in, talk about trends we see in business and entrepreneurship, and to hear from you- entrepreneurs around the world! 

Given the volume of feedback we receive here, we may not be able to respond individually to every comment and we're not able to provide product support. Rest assured we're paying attention, and we're always eager to hear from you.


Decided an accelerator isn't for you? You may want to reconsider. 500 Startups breaks down myths about fundraising, growth, and what an accelerator can do for startups.
In most aspects of life, the gulf between expectation and reality is larger than expected, but that's where growth comes from. This principle also applies to startup accelerators, where founders fortunate enough to gain admission…
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Am reguesting for a job as a driver plzcontact 0715106320
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What's your wild and crazy idea?

Learn how the captain of Alphabet's moonshot factory creates a culture that rewards teams for failure to support world-changing innovation.
“If you can’t afford crazy, you can’t afford brilliant.” Astro Teller, a “culture engineer” and the captain of Alphabet's moonshot factory, described how a culture that rewards teams for failure can support world-changing innovation.
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Tell us in the comments: Who are some of your favorite storytellers?

The ability to tell a powerful story can be a helpful tool to secure funding or bring on a top candidate.
Since starting his career as a U.S. Marine, Don Faul has led operations at Facebook, Pinterest and now Athos. Here are the stories he tells to rally big teams to do their best work.
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Horizon scanning for emerging technologies is crucial to staying aware of innovations that can radically transform our world.

These are the top 10 emerging technologies of 2016:
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K Pac
These technologies r so awesome and have the power to transform many lives
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Common Mistake #3: "Writing too much. Walls of text result in slow/no replies"

If you're searching for funding, you only need 4 sentences. Y Combinator breaks it down for you.
Michael Seibel, Y Combinator Partner, on communicating with investors. For weekly recaps of The Macro, sign up here. As an early stage investor I want to help startups succeed. Whether or not YC invests in the company, I still want to offer any helpful advice or introductions that I can.
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We believe entrepreneurship is global; and it’s time to expand the conversation. Apply for a spot:

Google for Entrepreneurs is hosting four Portals on June 22-24. Step inside and come face-to-face with an entrepreneur from London, Mexico City, Seoul, or Silicon Valley.
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5 Cities. 5 Days. $500K invested in 5 startups like yours.

Apply to pitch Steve Case to win $100k on the next #RiseOfTheRest .
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You have the idea, now get the funding.

Techstars presents an interactive map to locate global VCs that invest in European startups.
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Make an google sim card so you can play internet and phone wherever google signal is on,google can put transmitter on google baloon and make global brand so is any stockholder that's want realize this idea just remember maybe I want to sell it for my living is worh $5 m,so any body want hhh 
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Tell us in the comments: "What gets you out of bed in the morning?"
As an active angel investor, former angel group leader, and the co-founder of MergeLane, an accelerator and fund for high-growth startups with at least one woman in leadership, I’ve heard thousands…
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My circadian rhythms 😂
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With a billion new users expected online by 2017, there’s a huge opportunity to grow your business.

Go global from day one with the Building for Billions Playbook:
A guide for Android developers to help you get your app or game ready to meet the needs of billions of Android users, globally. Learn about the features, tips, and best practi...
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"They're taking on the planet’s biggest challenges, one elegantly creative solution at a time."

MATI Energy and On Second Thought, two inspiring female entrepreneurs that pitched at ‪#‎GoogleDemoDay‬, are featured on Inc.'s 30 Under 30 List:
Ready to be impressed? Meet Inc.'s 30 Under 30, the most brilliant young founders of 2016.
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Q so zV. X !
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“Some say Atlanta is on the rise, but ask any native, and they’ll tell you Atlanta has risen.” —David Cummings, CEO of Atlanta Ventures #TechIsGlobal
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Pat, you are in a prime location!
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