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New Frames & Shades for Glass

If we had a nickel for every time someone has asked about prescription lenses for Glass… well, we’d have a lot of nickels. So we want you to be the first to know that the Titanium Collection is here, with a handful of new styles for Glass so you can make it your own. Whether you wear prescription glasses or just want a new look, we’ve got four feather-light titanium frames designed just for you. And if you need prescription lenses and have vision insurance (such as VSP), your policy might even help cover your new frames. Explorers can access the Titanium Collection tomorrow afternoon, along with two new styles of twist-on shades.

This is only the beginning, and we can’t wait to hear which style is your style. Check ‘em out on our website, and tell us what you think:
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Super cool!
Now reduce the prices so i can finally buy one! =(
Can Explorers who need prescription lenses trade/swap their glass for these? Get a discount when doing it? 
awesome, hope they'll fit my fat head :/
I don't need prescription, but I'm definitely looking forward to some new twist on shades!!!
+Rex Torres Never fear, the current Glass Explorer Edition is already compatible with these frames.
And some of the designs even look like something I might wear. Sweet!
"Explorers can access the Titanium Collection tomorrow afternoon, along with two new styles of twist-on shades."
Thanks team!  Not so much for my benefit, but this removes one big obstacle for many would-be Explorers.  

I'm curious how you're addressing the unique complication of keeping the Glass display in focus for otherwise long-distance prescriptions.
We need some update on when its going to be available :( you have been teasing us for the past year and a half.
I can't thank you enough. I will buy them outright if my insurance don't cover it. 
When can we order it? I needed this yesterday.
It looks more natural with the frames. I like it!  but seriously though when are you going to release Glass!? Its been a little over year now! +Google Glass 
Sean S
It needs to  work with existing glasses and be removable. There are times when you need to remove Glass but without removing your prescriptions.
Done caring about Glass. Someone let me know when they aren't ridiculously overpriced.
Rae O.
I have +Google Glass and I can see the screen; only I cannot read the computer or my iPhone without my 3 blended lenses.
Awesome! Any chance Explorers will be able to swap for these or get a discount? JUST got my upgrade and would have waited for these since my glasses keep me from using my Glass more! 
Media reports claim that the frames will be $225. Is there an official source for that?
+manuel martinez I meant Glass. $225 for frames is still a little ridiculous. But regardless of that, $1500 for Glass is insaaaaaaane.
+Ben Smith im agreeing with you :) $225 can buy me designer frames lol or food for two weeks. 
Awesome! This is wonderful!
Ah, I couldn't tell. I know a few people who would think that's cheap. Because they're crazy.
+Ben Smith its okay. I have glass and all, and I Dont mind paying that but still those frames are expensive. I'll wait for China to make some lol
+Becca Canote These frames work with the current Glass Explorer Edition. +Keith Achorn – the reason for the swap was so that early Explorers would have a Glass that is compatible with frames.
You have plenty of nickels from us Explorers, lol
Ah great, just recently used my VSP allowances. :[
+Google Glass  Will the original shades that came with Glass be used on top of these frames? Or we just have to go with transition lenses?
Thank you.  Will order it, as soon as it becomes available.  Let's see which one...
+Google Glass Please pop a post here on G+ when they are available tomorrow. I would appreciate it. You'll get more of my money. I'm assuming they can support any prescription? website sucks on my Android phone (Nexus 5). It doesn't render properly and the link to see the styles doesn't do anything.
+Google Glass I need to turn in my Glass for the new version. Can I get the split frame? Or should it be purchased separately? Thanks. 
Looks a lot better than the explorers edition
+Google Glass fantastic! Can Explorers come to base camps during drop in hours to see and try on the frames? 
Is there somewhere in SF (perhaps the downtown office) where we can try the new shades out before purchasing?
Waiting with baited breath.  Prescription and money in hand.  
Very cool, can't wait to get my hands on a pair.
Time to upgrade. Looking forward to the consumer version?!?!
I like Split, but device itself doesn't look very good on it. 
When can I use my health care spending account for this? 
I've been fairly lucky with wearing both my prescription frames and glass. It is very good that Google is following up on this promise. Sadly for me, you can't please all of the people all of the time -- I'll be waiting for the less hipsteresque future designs.
Annoying title. Start selling them already!
Can't wait to see them! Can we change frames easily? I wear reading glasses but not all the time. What about clear shades with reading glasses built into them?
If you had a nickel for every time someone has asked about when it would be sold internationally, you'd have more nickels than just talking about lenses and frames.

So please, start selling globally. The HUD hype will die by this year if you don't release it by February. Screen-less holographic projectors are starting to gain notice.
Only downside to frames is now people can't try them on since they're prescription. But def looking forward to not having to wear contacts all the time!
Did anyone else notice that the titanium appears to be missing on some of the new shades in the videos
EFFIN SIIIIIIIIIIICK!  When can I get them!  I'm leaving for India next Tuesday & if possible - would love to get them this week!  ROCK ON +Google Glass!  :-)
they even look like my normal glasses! Take my money please!!!
Finally!!!!!! No more contact 
I'm so ready for the Consumer Edition... :( I hope it's this year
Great designs! Credit card is ready and waiting for tomorrow afternoon 
Samsung says they copying it and glass come back is that they have prescriptions?? 
So I pay 1500 then 200-300 for the prescription frames.... and if I want to show someone how glass works I need to carry a t4 screwdriver with me at all times and the original frames? Pleas tell me these frames are easily swappable....
I bought some from optics planet but I'll get some from you 😻
Where can I get it??? Could you give me the url for it?
how about if you guy would have a nickel for every time some one asked: "when is the god damn Glass will be release!!?"
Seems like a prepared reply to Samsung. ;)
Sure wish they were made for prescription glasses. 8/
Can you guys just give me a explorer edition invite so I can feel apart of this please I'm an aspiring developer! 
Kudos for a design that doesn't require us to swap hardware!! I can't wait to give you my money! These new shades look superb! 
How much will VSP cover??? EXCITED!!! Does this include the lenses as well?? 
hello. want a Portuguese explorer? call me. I loved To help improve googleglass.
Why can't you just make a "clip-able" version of Glass, which you can clip on your existing prescription glasses?
I know there is an issue with a varying focal point, I think. But most optical devices have a little tuning wheel to compensate for this (think of binoculars, the view finder in DSLR cameras, etc.).

Is it a "damn-we'd-need-to-redesign-the-whole-thing-for-this" problem or rather a "Nah-we're-lazy-and-get-enough-money-anyway" thing?
can't wait to have google glass available in europe!
Will you have these at base camps for people to check out in person?
+Jonas Kröger I fear this product may never fly in Europe, not while +Google and the EU are "discussing" privacy issues.
I am so excited. I hope there will photochromic lenses available. 
Mosh Jahan, Jonas Kröger, I am sure come to an agreement.
I have 20/20 vision and never would ever want to have to wear glasses ::knocks on wood:: but I would wear these in a heartbeat! Although personally, would never be able to afford them :(
Hope to see that in EU soon too..
So.. No hinges?

Also, I've been wearing glasses all my life. All frames do not fit all face shapes. I hope we can try these on before purchasing. 
The same thing can be said about an invite to google glass for me. I think a few more times of "are there prescriptions coming out for google glass". I'll be able to get them for free. 
Thank you!  So excited for this!
Finally, actual frames instead of all of these after-market lens shades and "lens carriers"!
And what about those of us with Glass already?
I'm available as a Google Glass model. Time for real people to be featured.
This is exciting and long-awaited news. The improvements in Glass have been gradual but ongoing--the utility of the device is already much improved from what it was last summer. Thanks for sharing, +Google Glass--can't wait to see where we go from here!
Uh... are these just frames? Are we going to be able to get bifocals? trifocals?  Transition lenses? Please don't turn into another frame marketer without a viable product for sale, +Google Glass. (Man! I'm rapidly approaching old man status.)
Change the age limit for explorer status to 16 and I will buy a Glass.
Do the frames have a quick-release for Glass, or am I gonna have to carry a tiny little Torx bit with me everywhere?
Shut up Take my money! I just got my Invite to purchase glass I don't see the frames in the store yet!
Awesome........... That's all were looking for. 
+manuel martinez comparing technology like Glass to food is not a useful comparison. If you cannot afford food, Glass is the last thing you need.
A while ago, I heard that Google Glass had recruited +Warby Parker for their expertise. Is this the product of that collaboration?
+Bill Fulbright Yeah. About 4x what I'm willing to pay. They sent me an invitation to buy and I promptly RSVPed with a middle-finger. 
Wicked!  Got the hint this weekend when I picked it up too something big was coming, wow!
This is great! Anyone know how this is going to work for current Glass owners?
+Google Glass Please create a preview template so people can see how they'll look on them with an uploaded image! (a la 
I didn't even try signing up before, because Glass didn't support prescriptions (and I don't like contacts). Just hope I don't have to wait too long to get an invite now.
The store is updated! 
Boom ordered placed for the Split style. 
Long awaited, nice! One thought - show some more model wearers who are not ... well, models ... hard to judge how styles will look and fit on a wider assortment of faces.
Oh, and there are dead links on the GLASS store, by the frames: 
Learn about Glass frames, your prescription and getting insurance reimbursement. ==> "not found"
Find a Glass Preferred Eyecare Provider. ==> "not found"
Danny G
But the question still remains. Will +Google Glass ever be made for the left eye for us lefties in the world?
About time... now Bold or thin?
When will they be available!?!?!
Danny G
@Alexparkovich lefties for the most part do most take with the left hand, leg, and are generally just more comfortable using the left side of the body. Such as a right handed person typically would use their right leg to lead. 
Dan Jak
Love it. Glass will be the next gadget I will buy.
Straight up. Now I'm guaranteed to get a set!
Are we going to be able to replace the frames on our current explorer models?
This would be even more amazing once the price is reduced... I am ready for Glass =)
I was all ready when I saw it was available, but $225 for the frames alone (no lenses) is a little steep. has "GGRx" that appear to attach like the "shades" for $150 (w/ lenses).   Going to give that a try instead.  Was hopeful that +Warby Parker would be providing an inexpensive full solution.
+Tim Puls  Store is updated? Where is the link to buy? I cannot find it.
tengo una gran idea para promocionar las las gafas en latino america con quien me podria comunicar
nice, but the!
How about those of us in our 60s who need bi-focals or tri-focals?  Worked this out yet?  How do we focus on the Glass display while looking up - will the bifocal divisions be adjusted for this?  How to keep from getting dizzy doing this?  Really want them but want good vision too.
+Google Glass can we see a pic of the "custom hard shell case" that comes with the lenses?
+Beth Story
i've just gotten catarac surgery , which i didn't like , because i look thru a light haze And i have trouble focusing on objects ! but i still want glass , but don't with those glass things on unless you can see a double standard vision ! just like the piolets of the apache helicopters have too !
thanks for valuable comment...
just ordered the bold frame and called one of the preferred eyecare places.
one question I had is if transition lens will get in the way of the Glass screen?  anyone tested that yet in daylight?
+Beth Story I use Glass with my no-line bifocals and it works out just fine. I want these frames, which will be fitted with new lenses, so I do not have to wear two things on my head.
List of preferred eyecare places?
Cannot wait to get my hands on one of these!
I would like to become a Google Explorer. I work for a regional tourism office in California as Interactive Manager. How can I get Google Glass?
+Oriol Ferrerons Manich +Menachem Mendel Schmukler You can order frames from us and we'll ship them to you with non-prescription lenses. From there, you work with your eye care provider to cut and fit lenses that work for you vision and needs. 

+Amy Chasen +Marouane Lamharzi Alaoui +William Baldowski +Danny Roa If you ordered Glass after 10/28 or participated in the swap program, your Glass is compatible. Once you purchase your frames, detach the titanium band and attach your frames. Details here:
Called VSP and they said they will cover up to $70 on these frames. 
How short (top to bottom) are the thinest frames.  I have a really high prescription and if the frames are either too rectangular or too big the lenses will have to be really thick (even with high index lenses)
+darren love +manuel martinez +Walter Lefmann +Erin McCann We  hear you. We designed our frames to be flexible and work with several head shapes, but we'll be sure to pass your feedback along. If you order frames and don't like the way they fit, give us a call and we'll take care of you. 
How about "Safety" Glass for those of us that need to be in environments where safety glasses are required?
+Google Glass
Is it possible to mount Google Glass to a frame for normal glasses? If not, is it planned to add this possibility? I would like to use my old and familiar glasses with it.
+Nick Moline  Here is the info from the Glass Frames help page: "We recommend lenses cut within +4 to -4 with astigmatism up to 2D. Check with your eyecare provider for more information if you're unsure if that means you."
+4 to -4, that rules me out then, I'm -6 (right) and -6.75 (left) :(  Oh well... Nick Sad
Yay! I bought mine! Charcoal to match my Glass. I confirmed that VSP considers this an "out-of-network" purchase and will reimburse you for $70 as +Frank Hsueh said. You have to call, get an Auth number and they'll email you form to fill in and send to them. There is nothing on the Google Glass store that says this. 

The link to buy is: and for us early explorers (I was in June) I needed a "Purchase Token" to get into the store which the helpful Glass Guide (800-glassxe) got for me when I called.
+Google Glass really? Can I order frames? With or without the Glass? Since I'm not living in the U.S. I find that unusual, specially considering that lately I've been living in Taiwan, where the only Google hardware I can buy is the Nexus 7, and that's because it's made by ASUS.
I'm all in to be an early adopter, since I love technology, but I can't understand those arbitrary restrictions.
So, how do you wear prescription frames, glass, and sunglasses?  My frames have magnetic clip on sunglasses, but there doesn't seem to be an option for that with the titanium frames.  I guess prescription glasses wearers are either not supposed to use glass outside during the day, or we're supposed to buy two pairs so we can equip one with normal lenses and one with darkened lenses.
+Jan Peterson Have you tried Transition lenses? I use them since I began driving, and they're really useful because you don't have to change between sunglasses and regular glasses, or clip anything on to your glasses.
+Oriol Ferrerons Manich I have Transition lenses on my current glasses... they work fine for me outside, but in the car the UV protection on my windshield seems to prevent them from tinting, so for driving I still take an oversized pair of sunglasses and put them over the top of my glasses.

When I use Glass I wear contacts and use the sunshade that came with glass.
+Oriol Ferrerons Manich I haven't... some of the environments where I work result in exposure to UV light and as I understand it, that is what triggers the Transitions lenses. I also recall my optician saying something about them not working well in a car due to the UV filtering of the car windows.
+Nick Moline +Jan Peterson Since I used to drive either a roadster (usually with the top down) or a motorbike, I didn't have the problem with the UV protection on the windshield, and I didn't know that there were problems associated to the car's windshields. And the car that I occasionally drive lately is a really old model, so I guess it doesn't have UV protection and so my transitions work as normally.

If you are usually exposed to UV light at work, you might have problems with the transition lenses, too.
+Oriol Ferrerons Manich yeah, I don't get UV light at work all the time, just when I have to go in the lab, but I suspect Transitions wouldn't work for me. 
So what is the URL for Explorers to order?
at 1,500 at pop the robbers, car jackers, snatch and grab will have no problem identifying a target. Good luck with that. Can you say bullseye! 
+Wolf Abbott That's kind of silly, considering there are women and men who carry Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada bags, purses, and accessories worth thousands... if people are already carrying these items in public on a daily basis, what makes you think Glass is going to be any different than these luxury goods?
These adds do me NO good!  I don't want to watch anymore adds about. Google Glass.  I want to purchase Google Glass.  Google please put these on the market so I can buy them.
I want a pair, but $1500 is just... way... too... high! +Google Glass When will the price go down, and to how low?
high priced google stuff :/ Makes me want it D:< Too bad I won't buy it :)
I'm currently working outside US, it is hard for me to get one. OMG
Thank you so much Google. Now people like me with specs can also use Google Glass.
What about one that is on the left eye instead of the right? I am legally blind in my right eye but see just fine out of my left eye. Google Glass on my right eye would be completely useless.
Sooooo what exactly is this commercial supposed to say? All i felt was Google doesn't understand who they are selling crap to.
If I had a nickel every time someone said "if I had a nickel" then I could probably buy a pair of Glass, sit on the street  with a sign that  goes "I'm a huge dork, I got tricked in buying the Glass and I'm ruined, please spare a nickel.".
+MrXelium wait why would your original source of nickels dry up once you bought glass? Surely if you got a nickel every time someone said "if I had a nickel" you would continue getting nickels after your purchase. 
Very smart and witty remark Jeren, looks like you've had quite some nickels yourself... .
 i'd be grateful for this hands-free device when sitting on the toilet. after completing my session i'd flush it down with the rest of the waste. 
+Google Glass when will stock be replenished?  Was sad to see BOLD Charcoal was out of stock already :(
How can i get one, have spots been opening up?
Yeah get me a set to wear when I play my next gig! 
+Danny G +Eric Pyles +Vince Nestico +Matt Kumm The Glass Explorer Edition is right-side and costs $1500 + tax. We know that work for everyone, but it's the best move for Glass now. We don't have any information to share about future versions of Glass now, but stay tuned for updates. 
Do we need to get the same color frame as our glass unit? It looks like the only difference is in the color on the inside of the opposite arm.

Also, do the arms fold on these?
You should create a tool that allows you to try the frames on "virtually" using your profile pic or an uploaded photo.
PLEASE, PLEASE tell me I don't have to buy a new Glass to do this? I am about to send in my old Glass for the new version. Will that work with these frames? How do I buy the frames? 
I am about to order my +Glass - if I do the pick-up option, would i be able to try these on and see if they look ridiculous on me? (my face is really narrow)
+Bryant Choung All four frames will come in the titanium color as pictured, but you'll be able to choose the color of the frame liner. 

+Elliot Lopez Thanks for the suggestion!

+Jeff Jarvis You'll be able to use these frames as soon as you swap your device for the updated hardware. They're available to purchase on the online store and will be shipped to your US home address. Let us know if you have any other questions. 
How do we order these? It's kind of frustrating when you "announce" something but you can't actually get it.
When will glass become available in Canada? I really want one. I got an invite but could not actually use it since im Canadian. The voice recognition would work perfectly here. It may be a hassle for other countries yes but not in Canada. So tell me please. Why is this an american thing only? It's not fair. And will glass release this year in 2014 or next year? It was last said it would release by the end of 2013 during an interview but clearly that did not happen. Please and thanks! 
+Chris Brent Our new frames and shades are available on our online store. 

+mastergamer591 Sorry, we know it's frustrating. We have some regulatory & logistical limitations right now, but we hope to make Glass more widely available someday. 

+Steve Albright Sorry we missed you earlier. We're working to get frames back in stock soon – check back regularly in the coming weeks.
+mastergamer591 Hello there, I have google glass and I currently live in canada what you have to do is get your google glass shipped to a USA transfer service i used Shipito, Link: You create a account with them and get it to ship it your address in the USA that shipito provides, then you just get them to send it to your Canadian address, make sure its your home address and not a post office because I believe they only ship to home or business address, you can choose who you want to ship your google glass with, either Fedex priority or DHL express and there are other choices to, but if you are having a problem even getting on to the glass store you need to connect to a USA VPN service, I use VPNONECLICK for mac but i think you can get it for PC too or use another service, you get a free trial with the service and then once that is all good, send it to your USA shipito address and your ready to go and dont worry you can send your glass right away from shipito or hold it in thier shipping building for 90 days. Hope this helps. Message me if you need more details :)
Danny G
ok then +Google Glass , how about this.  If I purchased a pair and a new one for the left side is released, would there be the ability to swap them out if it came to that point?
And now I just need to find a purchase code..... or follow the link that helps me find it... but that's a page that tells me how to use Glass not how to find a purchase code.
+Jaxon Stevens That helped a ton! It's a shame though. I had a glass code but in frustration, It expired. I tried logging into my account with the link but it redirected me to the glass website. My code is long gone. Thanks for the help though. I appreciate it. I hope to get glass someday. 
+Chris Brent  - call the Glass Explorer line. I did and they have me a purchase code - 1- 800-glassxe
+Google Glass When will Google glass be swappable for viewing in the left eye? Some people have much better vision in on eye than the other...
Are the Titanium frames arch wires? Need to get a proper quote from my optician and they asked whether they were arch wires? Anyone has any info on that?
Long M
When can we start to order? 
+Leigh Purnell This version is right-side only, and we don't have any updates on future versions of Glass right now. We do hear you. We know this won't work for everyone, and we're sorry. 
+Nick Sakellariou If your optician is one of the "preferred providers" listed by Google, they can contact the right people to get that answer. I just visited one of those (not my regular provider) and they were very aware of the details, they had received special training and were able to answer all of my questions. For this transaction, at least, I am switching to a preferred provider.
I had a different experience. Called a provider. First person said "I have never heard of Google Glass, what is it? I asked her if she was kidding me? They were clueless. I was sent back to the manager. She told me that to become a "preferred provider, she took an online course "just yesterday" and "if they broke my Google Glass, that Google would replace them!" That really inspired my confidence. And that my glasses would go to the same lab all the other glasses go to, so really, it is no different than any other pair of glasses they handle. I was like - get the heck out! I will be going to another high end store in my city that will give my glasses the treatment they deserve.
+Scott Ferguson Welcome to the Explorer Program—we're excited to see what you do with Glass! 

+Brenda Jin Thanks for the feedback and we'll pass it along to our team. 
Can I report Google to Google as commercial spam?
If some one has eye problem.. are the glasses compatible... 
How do I get the prescription frames for my glass? I keep getting directed to the explorer program, but I already am...
A few questions. One, When choosing color it seems the frames are all black. Is this true? Next, and I guess this depends on number one, as if they are all black I doesn't matter. However, I almost ready to order but many colors seem to be out of stock. When will they be back? 
This is great. But i have a big concern. Will Glass always be for the right eye? My right eye is kind of messed up and i think i won't be able to use Glass even with prescription glasses, until a left eye version is released
Now they're absolutely perfect, I just can't wait until the release in Europe!
+Google Glass I have noticed both of my favorite frames in matching color are out of stock.  Congrats on the success.  Any news on when more will be available?  
how did you purchase your frames.  i cant find the option anywhere except on new orders 
+Nik Jaiswal thank you very much. Clicking the invite code worked. Frames on the way!
+Anna Ravenscroft +Raahil Armaan The frames from our Titanium Collection are compatible with most prescription lenses. We ship them to our Explorers with plain lenses, and they work with their eyecare providers to get lenses that fit their needs. 

+Andrés Hirane This version of Glass is for the right-side only & we don't have anything to share about future versions. We know this won't work for everyone, and we're sorry. 
+H. David Shaw +Tony Alexander We don't have any timing to share, but we're working to get frames back in stock—check back in the coming weeks. When you do order your pair, they'll ship with clear lenses, but we recommend talking to your provider to make sure they suit you.

+Nik Jaiswal Thanks for pointing  Dustin in the right direction to place his order. +Tariq Khan You'll need to make sure you're logged into the account you used to purchase Glass when you visit If that doesn't solve your issue, give us a call. 
+GoogleGlass in fact was not too cool. Had them in the cart but was waiting on my eye care provider to let me know if they could handle the work. A few hours later they were gone from my cart and out of stock. Sad me. 
+H. David Shaw That's definitely frustrating and we're sorry to hear that it happened. We can't do anything to get you more frames until they're in stock, so for now, keep checking.  
+Google Glass
 shove google glass up your ass and make the youtube comment section a better place.
Any eta regarding when they will be back in stock? Every single frame is sold out except for curve... 
+Josh Darnell  We're working to get frames back in stock soon – check back in the coming weeks.
Cool! I have prescription, so I'll definitely be checking it out! 
+Ben Smith ....I feel your pain, Ben. Hopefully, they'll come down in price. That's why I couldn't take the initial offer.....8/
Definitely makes more sense than wearing the prescription glasses and google glass on top of each other. What would really be cool is if the google glass unit could be detached from the glasses for scenarios when you need the prescription but don't need or are not allowed to wear the google glass unit. 
i am from pakistan and need that extra glasses .can anyone buy for me n send me to my country ill pay them  
Just got the prescription lenses fixed! Time to be a glasshole!
I wear trifocals and want to be sure they work with Google Glass
+Debby McKinney We recommend you talk to your Eyecare Provider to find out if your prescription will work with Titanium Collection frames. 
+Google Glass So the site says the recommended RX strength is no stronger than +/-4 correction. Any explorer with RX lenses tried for something higher? Mine is 5.7/4.25 and I'm wondering if I'll have to send my frames back and get contacts.
+Erik van Bronkhorst You can get your prescription lenses fulfilled as you normally would with a regular pair of frames; however, we recommend visiting a Preferred Eyecare Provider as they have been trained on Glass and the optimal prescription lens options for Glass Frames. You can find your nearest Preferred Provider here:

+M. Gresham  Work with your ECP to determine the right course of action given your individual prescription. These four frames have a recommended range of +4D to -4D, 2D max astigmatism.
Got accepted into glass explorer program!!
went to ECP today.  wish I could just do it myself, but everybody has to take their cut...
Just got my frames in and my glass mounts crooked on the frame.  All pictures come out crooked and while looking at it. I'm not sure if its the frame mount or the glass unit itself, but it definitely is not fixable on the user end.   Has anyone experienced this?  
+Josh Darnell   My frames do not that. What happens if you put Glass back on the band and try the same photo? I would do a compare of yourself in the mirror so you can see the difference.
Wish I could post a picture, but +Scott Lawson it only occurs on the glasses frame. It is as flush with the head band frame as my XE 1 model was (which of course wasn't/isn't perfect but acceptable). On my glasses frame it's at roughly a 15 degree angle. Entirely unusable. Every photo comes out crooked. The opticians said it is impossible to fix unless I wear the glasses at an angle lol. Money back please.
Hi +Josh Darnell, we're sorry about that. We'll have a member form our support team reach out to you shortly to get some more information about your issue. 
+Josh Darnell Mine are sort of like that but it is hard to tell how not crooked, I have the same frames but my photos come out fine. Maybe I have a crooked neck?
+Scott Lawson Well possibly lol because I am looking at the way it mounts without Glass attached and it definitely is the design of the mounting arm. It basically attaches Glass at a 10-15° angle.  
Will the price of Glass prescription frames be the same at the recommended specialists?
+Bill McGraw My experience is they are not because you pay from the frames from Google, but the lenses depend on the provider. Your specific insurance is also a factor. I have even exams and tests at providers differ in costs and one that I spoke too was forthright in stating that they charge more because they provide more quality care than the low-price places.
Found two recommended eyewear specialists withing about 35 min drive. I will head there this week and see what is up.
Got my frames in and swapped out, but cannot get the prism to go in far enough to get a full frame view... I can force it a little and catch the right edge, but the prism hits the lens. I am taking the frames to my optician, already have a price for the lenses and will see if the new lens glass will interfere.
is there a prescription for the shades as well???
+Yun Choi The frames and shades come with plain non-prescription lenses. Once you receive the frames you'll be able to work with an ECP to get the lenses fitted to your personal prescription. We're here if you have any other questions. 
Hey guys, really stuck here if anyone can help?!
Looking to buy prescription lenses for my google glass. I am in Australia and not to sure where to start looking. Does anyone know where I can go or if anyone ships to Australia? Thanks in advance.
+Scott Lawson I don't know much about where to get them haha. Do you mean the app "MyGlass?" I cannot open this app because my google glasses are still in the mail and cant pair them haha. Thanks for your help
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