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Share it, watch it, hear it, host it

It’s that time of the month again. We have three new features on Glass that we’re really proud of, plus an experimental feature you’ve been asking about. 


Glass now has a whole new way to tell stories through pictures. You can capture both a photo and whatever was on your display in that moment. All you need to do is tap and select “Make vignette” after you take a picture. Our team has been having a blast with this feature (as you can see below). 

#vignette #becausetheworldneedsanotherhashtag

YouTube videos in search results

You’ll now see YouTube results for some searches. For example, imagine your bike tire’s just gone flat. Walk it home? Nope. Now, you can find and watch a quick YouTube video on how to fix it in a flash. Just tap to play and pause, swipe forward to fast forward and backward to rewind. 

Sound search

This does exactly what it says on the tin. You’re wearing Glass (obvs), you hear a song you like and you want to know what it is. Now all you have to do is long press on the touchpad, swipe forward and whoomp (there it is). Alternatively, you can long press on the touchpad and simply ask “What song is this?” 

#shakalakashakalaka   #stuckinmyheadalldaylong    #youarewelcome  

Glass with Google Apps accounts

You asked, we listened, we toiled and now we are building and testing Glass with Google Apps accounts. Some services, like email, are working already. Feel free to try it out by factory resetting your Glass, and signing in with your Google Apps account.

Hey Explorers – got questions about XE9? Ask the Glass Team on 9/13

Explorers, we know you’ve got lots of questions. Whether you’re curious about how we built this month's updates, that mysterious PUPPIES_IN_PJS lab you found in our code, or what we had for lunch, we’ll be fielding your questions in the Explorers Community this Friday (9/13). We’ll also have a virtual “Glassroom” hangout where you can catch up on what you’ve missed and get help from Glass Guides. Stay tuned for more details later this week.

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yay!!! new updates to play with!! thanks!! =]
I discovered glass worked with apps accounts last week
ooo I like the vignette thing. Could be very nice for slideshows.
Hmm... I just got XE9 but I don't see "Make vignette" after I take a picture. I can only tap and share.
+Peter Teoh You have to be on another screen eg. the ok, glass screen or google results. I think you have to use the button to take a picture.
Still no option to toggle off WiFi while Bluetooth Tethering is connected. That would save a boat load of battery power if my Glass device wasn't beaconing for a WiFi AP every time I leave home.
I hope XE9 allows me to say ok glass take a picture share with <insert anything>. That has been broken since XE8. I'm only able to share pictures by swiping the touchpad. Voice commands don't work with the share with menu anymore. I'd test the update here at work, but you know, can't use WPA2 Enterprise :P
+Peter Teoh That great. Me and a handful of other posted on the official community about it and never heard anything besides we're looking into it.
Great update! I feel like you watched me get a flat through glass....I didn't walkmit home though, I gave a lesson :)
+Derek Ross I had the same issue for a long time.  However, when the news came out that Google Apps accounts worked with Glass I wiped everything clean and then setup Glass to use my Google Apps account.  After that, I was able to do "Ok Glass take a picture", "Ok Glass share with......"
+Michael Nardi It doesn't work in general. I cannot use a voice command to share to an individual, a circle, or a service. share with... dose not work for sharing videos or pictures since the XE8 update for me and a handful of others that have posted about it.
+Darrin Brownlee Factory reset the first day I had the issue ;) thought about unlocking the bootloader and flashing the factory images in case a system database is somehow corrupt.
+Derek Ross I know I tried factory resets as well with no luck.  It wasn't until I used a different account with Glass when things started working.
J Fuchs
Does the remote control feature work with MyGlass?
Waiting for 50% charge... and... installing XE9.0, Thank you +Google Glass and everyone on the Glass team! 
The echo is gone too! We can accept calls on Glass again!
Just tried a few things. Still have the echo on phone calls so that's a bummer. I'll try a power cycle at some point in hopes ...

The vignette thingy does work and appears only to be when you press the camera button for a photo. Somebody smarter than I will need to say how the vignettes will really be useful.

I have never been interested in song detection so everbody enjoy that one for me.

Remote control works and I can see that helping with demos. Might be interesting to use when demo'ing via projected large display for a group while having an audience member or co-presenter wear Glass.
Mine's updated & I'm already checking out the updates.  Thanks for the 411 & rock on +Google Glass team!
do you have to be plugged in to get the update?
+Google Glass Checking out all the updates and sound search is truly fantastic. So easy to use. Amazing.
I just tested the sound search and the results were 100%. Queenryche: "Don't Look Back"
Very nice,  looking forward to trying these out.... 
Wow. The google glass camera is fantastic!!
Anyone else hear Draft Punk in their head when they read the first line of this post?
Seriously can't wait to get a pair of these. these features look amazing!
+Google Glass 
very great! but I believe we don't need to control everything with the glasses, the most used features will for sure be:
"Push to glasses"
1) creating navigation point is not so easy to do it with just glasses, so search some point (usually I still don't know which point is the best fro me or the voice command is not accurate) with a phone and "push to glasses"
2) when I'm searching anything I don't exactly know what I need to find but there is a great explaining video, so "push to glasses" the video
3) managing G+, listing, quick reading (not possible with the G glasses), but this post I need to watch closer, so "push to glasses" and see the photos, videos etc
4) searching with maps, just watching around in the map, tapping, discovering (not possible easily with the G glasses comfortably)...when I find something interesting and want to see just a map with my position all the time then "push to glasses" (and very often I need to check my position but don't need to have the position in my view)

this approach will be the most used I bet (of course I don't consider obvious features like reading sms, calling, recording etc....its obvious :)

thank you for the G glasses!
When are these going to be made available in India. I am dying for one.
Oh man, I'm falling in love google glass. I am very exciting to develop to it! I need one!!!
I watched a video on how to fix a flat using the new feature. I stopped that video and then googled a music video. The new video showed up as an option, but when I hit play I got the old video. The workaround was to watch (fast forward) the first video all the way to the end so that the music video would show up. Unfortunately, I got the following message from Youtube: 'The content owner has not made this video available on this device'. The owner is Vevo. Is it codec related?
Great how to do's and trips videos are going to explode exponentially all over the web when it becomes more available. I am so excited!
Whooooooooooo hooooooooooo new stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuff!!
Hello Folks! ... I have only been able to access Vignettes once.  It was a menu item once and not longer appears as an option ... ??
+Jeris JC Miller It pops up if you press the button to take a picture only. Not if you say "OK Glass take a picture. At least, that's what I have observed.
+Brian Sodke I have actually reached out to our much appreciate Glass Support team as I am experiencing intermittent Vignettes functionality - sometimes it offers me a Vignettes option after manually snapping a picture ... and mostly not!  ... We are trying to resolve. 
Very nice! This will make sharing the experience with non-explorers more powerful :)
Is there any way to play youtube playlists?