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#Summer temperatures are rising, but your #electricity bills don't have to. Check out our new #Energy Saver 101 #infographic for everything you need to know about home cooling -- from how an air conditioner works to energy-saving tips for summer:

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Good to know . . .
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#3dprinting is a game-changing #innovation that has sparked a creative #manufacturing renaissance for consumers and companies. Learn what #3Dprinters mean for the future of manufacturing →
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C Geib
nice to see one of the behemouths in the technology exchange programs support this new use of technology.
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#didyouknow  Hot weather can actually increase your vehicle’s fuel economy. This is because your engine doesn't have to warm up as much in warm weather and the warm air causes less aerodynamic drag. Instead it's the actions you take (like air conditioning) to keep comfortable in your car that can make your fuel economy take a hit. Check out these simple fuel economy tips for summer:

#fueleconomy   #summer   #savingmoney  
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Yet, supply and demand issues cause price spikes, speculation has driven up prices, and emerging technologies could replace this as a fuel source for transportation...but the better question is why not? 
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Wind turbines are now a common sight across the U.S. But how exactly do wind turbines work? Find out tomorrow at 2 pm ET as National Renewable Energy Laboratory wind expert Fort Felker answers your questions about wind turbines -- from small turbines for the home to large-scale wind farms to offshore wind. Submit questions in advance below. 

#HowEnergyWorks #WindEnergy #Science #Wind #Energy
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Killing Bald Eagles is not a very good trade off.
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Whether it’s medical or scientific research, consumer product development or national security, particle accelerators touch nearly every part of our daily lives. Since the early days of the cathode ray tube in the 1890s, particle accelerators have made important contributions to scientific and technological innovation. Today, there are more than 30,000 particle accelerators in operation around the world.
Learn more about how particle accelerators work:
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Each year, students from across the country meet in our nation’s capital for the Energy Department’s National Science Bowl, an intense academic competition that tests the students' knowledge in science, engineering, chemistry, math and Earth science. Learn what it takes to compete and win, and join these future STEM leaders as they meet friends and make memories that will last a lifetime. Learn more:
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+Cyndy Hagin +STEMagination™ Hey, this looks great !! 
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Want to know how much someone like you spends on #energy every year? Check out our interactive #map and learn more about your state:
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8 cent a kilowatt ...

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#DidYouKnow that our #water and #energy systems are closely intertwined? 

✓ We need water to produce energy. 
✓ We need energy to use water. 
#Climatechange and population growth affect the availability of both water and energy. 

Our new #infographic breaks down the interdependencies between water and energy. View the full version on ➝

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Fortunately the fastest growing renewables, which are also the fastest growing electricity sources, need almost no water to operate. Solar panels need an occasional cleaning to maintain peak generation, but I think windmills are completely water-free. Batteries too.
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Happy Summer! 

This year, instead of blasting the air conditioner (and blowing your electricity bills through the roof), you can take simple actions that will help you beat the heat. Check out our new Energy Saver 101 #infographic for everything you need to know about home cooling -- from how air conditioners work and the different types of systems on the market to proper maintenance and tips for lowering your cooling bills.

#airconditioning   #savingmoney   #savingenergy  
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In just a few short years, 3D printing has exploded -- shifting from a niche technology to a game-changing innovation that is capturing the imagination of major manufacturers and hobbyists alike. 

Want to know more about how 3D printing is transforming the way we make products? Join us today for Twitter Office Hours at 2 pm ET. Sumbit your questions below or using #HowEnergyWorks  .

#3dprinting   #3dprinter   #additivemanufacturing   #manufacturing  
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I missed this opportunity and am not sure how to use Twitter in this way. Do you have a video or text copy of the information on 3D printing. Im very interested. Maybe there's a good site that is recommended. It would be great if your text above...or a following google+ message gave live links to where people, who either missed the Twitter report due to lack of time or sm skills. Im sure if my interest is peaked, especially how 3D printing relates to energy, then surely there are many others. I do know a good bit about internet marketing and promotion works. If you posted a video and other information on your main site, with a live link that it would bring, myself included new and repeat visitors to your site. Then us newbies could learn more about the department of energy, its mission and need for voter support, etc...
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This week we’re launching How Energy Works: a new series that breaks down the inner workings of game-changing energy technologies. All this week we’ll introduce you to four technologies helping drive the Department’s mission forward, including particle accelerators, microgrids, 3D printers and wind turbines, while giving you the opportunity to ask leading experts about the How Energy Works technology of the day during our Twitter Office Hours at 2 p.m. ET →

Submit your questions for our energy experts now on the four energy technologies above in the comments.

Which How Energy Works topic should we cover next? Vote now using our interactive voting tool →

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hmmm ... wow... This is NOT how energy works.  How about explaining how a spacetime gradient stores energy?
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To help you save money by saving energy, experts from the Energy Department and our National Labs are answering your questions and sharing advice on ways to improve your home’s comfort. This month, they're covering ways to save energy during summer. Be sure to submit your questions now! #AskEnergySaver  

#energyefficiency   #savingmoney   #savingenergy  
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As looking for new sources or green tech got ice ideas like to know em? :-) 
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