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Dave Cohen

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This is amazing. A lot of candid shots here that show the mission in a new light.
Reignite your passion for space by looking at these newly released Apollo photos.
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Jacob R
finally all the conspiracy nutcases can give it a rest and shut up. Great post sir. You have an admiring Google+ account
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Dave Cohen

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I thought this was going to be click bait... And it was. But it was also a fun read. What, whiskey reduces my risk of cancer? Of course it does!
From being a natural stress reliever, to helping prevent cancer, whiskey is full of some surprising health benefits!
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Imagination never ceases to amaze with the exception of bordering on delusion - forget the deluxe excuse simply enjoy the pleasure .. renew with as many glasses of fine water to rehydrate - failsafe.
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Dave Cohen

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I was just thinking about this today after he vetoed a poorly written drone bill and delivered a passionate speech about renewable energy. I would love to see Jerry Brown enter the race... #jerrybrownforpresident ?
Forget Sanders and Biden, the Democrats' best 2016 backup is California Gov. Jerry Brown.
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Jerry Brown vetoed the equal changing tables in men's restrooms bill. I'm still grumpy about that. :-p
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Dave Cohen

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Enjoying summertime in the Alps! Here's a shot from one of our ridiculously scenic mountain bike rides yesterday. The town of Zermatt is snuggled in the valley below, while the Matterhorn looms in the distance shrouded in clouds.
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oh man, looks fun. bummed to miss this trip.
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Dave Cohen

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I have to disagree with this message and without any persuasive documentation to prove my point. 
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Dave Cohen

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"We then pick a layer and ask the network to enhance whatever it detected."

"ask the network to enhance whatever it detected."

"enhance whatever"


Edit: Also, "dog-fish" looks suspiciously like "doge-fish". This algorithm is meme-tastic!

Also, I would be willing to pay a small fee to have my latest image searches mashed up into a bizarre dreamscape background image for my Chromecast.
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Dave Cohen

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Fascinating article about the best ways to get to work. Spoiler alert: driving is the worst for your overall health. During my commute in the bay area, I spend close to an hour and a half in traffic every day, and that's probably pretty average.
Commuting affects your mental health, your physical health, and even the way you think about other people. And these changes are more profound than you might think.
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Dave Cohen

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It's time to find a new news app when +USA TODAY​ ​considers these tabloid pieces a top story. Any recommendations?

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Google News & Weather
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Dave Cohen

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Here's a shot from our ride yesterday as we worked out our way down from the Plane Morte glacier into the valley below, and eventually back to Crans Montana. In the distance the Tsuezier Reservoir looks almost iridescent.

Our ride took us in and out of rain showers for almost 30 miles, and I was able to capture this during one of the sunny moments :)
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In Zermatt we had nice 6 inch travel bikes. In Crans our options were pretty limited, so we opted for hardtails with a good fork and burly tires.
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Dave Cohen

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Just logged into Amazon tonight to see their promo for Amazon Echo. Sounds a lot like what a standalone Google Now box might be like. Has anyone used one of these?
Amazon Echo is designed around your voice. Ask it for music, news, weather, information, and more. Get answers instantly. Learn more.
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+Timothy Jordan Can share more of his thoughts on it. We have one at home and I'm still on the fence.
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Dave Cohen

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Only government can make something as simple as taking down a flag a nearly impossible political obstacle course.

Winning a vote to remove the flag will be no small feat... As part of a deal reached 15 years ago, two-thirds of both chambers of the state legislature must vote to remove the flag.

...even to bring the matter up for discussion would require the support of two-thirds of the legislators.


A group of political and religious leaders from Charleston, S.C. are headed to Columbia to call on state lawmakers to remove the Confederate battle flag flying on the State House grounds, but even if they
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"I'm using the exact same arguments and applying them to other issues.  If it's valid for one, it's valid for all."
That's so absolutely not true that I refuse to believe you actually think that.  That's just absurd and idiotic.  The debate over someone's legal right to marry who they love can't even be compared to the debate over a perceived symbol of hate.

"And that's the problem.  This does NOT represent the public.  This represents the citizens of South Carolina."
The citizens of South Carolina ARE the public.  You then go on to provide me with a link about how the majority want to keep the flag waving.  Did you read the link?  The majority of WHITES want to keep it up.  The majority of BLACKS do not.  Read the ACTUAL study:  And that poll was taken BEFORE this tragic event.  For a real weighted average you'd have to take population density based on race in to account before calculating "average".
Other links I've found only have higher numbers for blacks who want to see the flag removed.
So I'll hold off changing my mind until I see new numbers, weighted appropriately based on population.

"But the Arkansas state flag specifically honors the Confederacy, just as the battle flag does."
No.  A star depicting historical ties is NOT the same as honoring.  And a symbol of racism is not honoring either.  Dylan Storm, the KKK, Neo-Nazis and other racist and segregationist groups aren't using the Arkansas state flag as their symbol of hate.

What you are is someone who has no clear understanding of the Constitution. The first amendment isn't in place to allow you to be a discriminatory asshole.  It's there to prevent the GOVERNMENT from limiting your religious practices. And your religious practices have no bearing on patrons of your retail establishment.  I bet you're the kind of guy who defends the baker refusing the gays, but get's all butthurt when college feminists have a bake sale where white men have to pay more, aren't you?  Just come out and say it, dude.  You're a bigot.  You hate the gays and the blacks, and don't think they should have the same rights you do.  It's fine, go ahead.  We all already know from your posts anyway.

You're so far in the deep end of Neo-Conservativism there's no getting through with rationality.  I'm done here.
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Dave Cohen

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Nice ride on Emigrant Trail this morning with +Vitor Rodrigues . It's not the most technical trail in Tahoe, but it's beautiful and fast 30 miles.

I haven't used my GoPros since heliboarding about 2 years ago so I decided to bust them out. Since the massive video files are so hard to do anything useful with, I set it on the 2s delay camera. I turned it off halfway through and ended up with over 2300 photos to sort though. Here are 17 :)

Tomorrow we're going to hit one of my favorite rides -- Armstrong Pass to Mr Toads Wild Ride.
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Beautiful looking trail :)
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Every burger I've had has been phenomenal. Plus they have a great beer & wine menu. I get lunch here every time I'm in Santa Monica.
Public - 5 years ago
reviewed 5 years ago
Barlata had an interesting wine menu -- mostly things I had never heard of, which I'm always excited to try. We got a couple dishes that were both mediocre. The calamari was sliced really thin and the breading was on the bland side. The toast an jamon serrano was covered in a watery tomato spread that made the toast mushy. I probably wouldn't order either of those dishes again.
Public - 5 years ago
reviewed 5 years ago
Went here for an anniversary dinner. They had an interesting wine selection. The food was very expensive for the portion sizes -- for example, $5 for two tiny pieces of bruchetta. The only dish I was impressed by was the cashew pate -- everything else was pretty average. We literally spent $100 here for 2 people and then went out for pizza afterwards.
Public - 5 years ago
reviewed 5 years ago
45 reviews
Went to Hostaria with some co-workers for dinner. The wait staff was friendly and helped us pick a couple great bottles of wine (well, 2 for 3 aint bad). I got the rigatoni which was absolutely phenomenal. The grilled calamari appetizer was also out of this world. The food is rich and portion sizes are reasonable -- it's not the Olive Garden. I'd definitely go back again.
Public - 5 years ago
reviewed 5 years ago
We were headed to the Cambodian restaurant next door that had good reviews, and we saw this Chinese buffet full of Asian people -- usually a good sign. The food here was disgusting. The selection was decent and they even had lobster but, with the exception of a couple dishes that I'd consider "edible," the food was terrible. Don't waste your $20.
Public - 5 years ago
reviewed 5 years ago
Cool joint, good selection of scotch, bourbon, and beer. Their specialty mixed drinks aren't my cup of tea though. Food is good, but bit on the pricey side.
Public - 5 years ago
reviewed 5 years ago