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Life Moves Pretty Fast...
...If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it! - Ferris Bueller & Me 🗽👋🏼🚘🌳

#NYC #CurrentMood #RightNow
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memang la bengong...
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Daria Musk

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Oh G+niuses!! It's our Hangiversary! I can't believe it! You're my longest relationship, ever! I adore you all more and more with each day, each song, each show... Thank you for changing my life that fateful night. 

I'm actually in NYC right now, in a hotel room thirty-two floors above the busy city streets, tucked into bed and ready to hit a huge stage in the morning where I will sing and tell our story for the bazillionth time... And I can't to tell it a bazillion more. Every time I think about it I get goosebumps. Like whaa?! How did this happen!?

I sang for years and then one night I opened up my laptop and you showed up. I feel the same magic I felt that night right now... Thinking about the new ideas and adventures I have in store for us. It's time to make magic again and I can't wait. 

Your G+rl Forever & Always, 
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Bravo & encore, +Daria Musk !
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Daria Musk

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Hey NYC! Announcement Time! I'll be singing and speaking at #BlogHer15 ! I've got  30% off tix for you if you wanna come! And I'm sharing the stage with a movie stah! 🌟

That's right! On Friday, July 17th it's a lunchtime date with me and the Goop-y Shakespeare-In-Love-Heroine herself Gwyneth Paltrow!

Seriously. It's lunch. And I sing. Then she comes out, like right after me. High-fiving me on her way to the stage. I hope.

Then on Saturday, July 18th I'll be speaking alongside some more inspiring powerhouses like "Selma" director Ava DuVernay! 

Here's the whole conference schedule:

So proud to be included in this incredible lady lineup! If you want to come along I've got a sneaky little 30% discount for you! Just click here to snag your price-gouged-spot: 

XO, Daria

Ps. And tell me if you're coming or if you're just in town and want to meet up!

Pps. Sorry for the double-post! Accidentally messed-up the first one!

#BlogHer15   #BlogHer   #Bloggers   #NYC  

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Hi quty
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Daria Musk

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"...Get a tan or change your life." That's what my mama always told me and my brother – seen here with his whole life ahead of him on his bday yesterday – about this season. 

See, in one summer when she was young, she practiced flute for about 8 hours a day, in 2 hour shifts. She may not have soaked up that many rays or rode that many waves, but by the time fall started to cool the air she was a world-class flutist. She was invited to study at Juilliard, won the Artist International Competition twice and held an audience rapt with attention as she performed solo on the stage of Carnegie Hall. 

It's Monday summer days like this when I remember her seasonal mantra. This kid in the photo and I are ready to take our dreams to the next level. There's shows and songs and talks and books and so much more on the horizon... I can't wait for it all and I'm ready to werk werk werk more than ever to get there.

XO, Daria

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Oh feel better +Precious RyeGreen!!!! Sending love!
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Daria Musk

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Baby You're A... 💥

#HappyFourthOfJuly #Fireworks
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Very nice 
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Daria Musk

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Look what I made! Freedom is sweet! Wish I could give one to each of you G+niuses! Hope you're celebrating!!!! Let's make some fireworks together! ;)

XO, Daria

#happyfourthofjuly   #happyindependenceday  
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That looks delicious +Daria Musk!.. :-)
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Daria Musk

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If A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words...
Is a video worth a billion?! Here's my fave screen shots from +Vivienne Gucwa first vlog!!

Watch it here: 🗽👯

XO, Daria

Ps. Tonsssss of video coming from me soon too!! Woohoo! And update posts from the last week - which was filled with awesomeness I haven't gotten to post yet!! 
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Tres Jolie
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Daria Musk

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My sister-from-another-mister (and world famous photographer) +Vivienne Gucwa has officially started her new YouTube Vlog! I love exploring NYC (and the world) through her lens and I know millions of you guys do too... 

Now we get to see her view of the world in motion and I'm so excited! Watch to fall in love with cities, get to know Viv... And find what will probably be an annoying amount of photobombs from me ;)

XO, Daria

Ps. Yeah, I'm in this one... LOL!  
New York City Vlog #1 - Vivienne Gucwa (info below!) 

This is the start of my NYC vlog series!! I will be vlogging when I am in NYC once or twice a week to start. I am a professional travel photographer so I travel quite a bit but I also do professional photography of New York City (my photography blog is linked below!) which means that when I am in NYC I am usually exploring every nook and cranny of it with my feet and my camera(s). 

Hope you enjoy!

In this video:

Shakespeare in the Parking Lot on the Lower East Side

Rivington Street and Ludlow Street

The Delancey Street F Subway Stop

Bryant Park F Subway Stop

Bryant Park

6th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan

Check out +Daria Musk 's channel here: :)


Camera(s) used:  Sony RX 100 iii 

Notes: Shot this entire vlog in 60 FPS purely by accident since I had been shooting a lot of slow motion last week and never switched settings sadly. :) Don't judge! 


View my New York City photography in a video!:


Where to find me online:

My NYC photography blog (on Tumblr):





Music: ---

Contact me:
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how is life there
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Daria Musk

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Have you G+niuses heard of +Trevor Noah? He's my new favorite comedian... Well he's going to be everyone's new favorite comedian as the new host of +The Daily Show

If you need a Trevor-primer watch this hilarious episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee with him and Jerry Seinfeld: ... Or just watch any YouTube clip you can find of him! 

So, on Friday I saw that he tweeted, "Thanks Johannesburg, next stop Stamford!" And I thought, no way could he mean little 'ol Stamford Connecticut... My childhood hometown... But he did! I called the theater at 4pm when I saw the tweet and snagged the literally the last tickets in the last row! 

His story is so powerful. He was "born a crime" in apartheid South Africa and uses comedy to cover so many important subjects. The room was packed with every possible age and demographic. Everyone crying with laughter, together. I love when music or jokes can bridge the gaps between us... 

XO, Daria

#Comedy   #Standup  
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Daria Musk

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21 years ago today my world got infinitely more awesome, fun, meaningful, hilarious and inspiring. There’s nothing like knowing you’re part of an unbreakable team, an unshakeable bond.

It’s weird to look up to someone who’s younger than you, but you’ve always been the wise one baby bro. Here’s to a new era of life goals launched, redefining grown-up-ness, adventures unlocked, creativity shared, dreams realized, sibling collaboration and world domination!

Happy Birthday from your cheerleader and sister always,

Ps. G+niuses if you've know Sage – maybe you've met him at my concerts or through our crazy football tailgate-Hangouts, or seen his hilarious videos – please feel free to leave him birthday wishes here! I know he'll love it! He just said to me yesterday, "Dar your fans are the sweetest people. I think they're the best fan-group I've seen." Smart guy ;) 
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Thats lovely sweet baby ;)
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Daria Musk

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Dar-tha Stewart
... Then I made black-bean-mushroom-toasted-corn-veggie-sliders! Yum-erica! 🍔🇺🇸🎉
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Uy que delicia 
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Daria Musk

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Girl. Singer/Songwriter. Crashing The Party. Laughing In The Face of The Lion.
Hi, I'm Daria. I'm musician fueled by the effervescent pop of the universe, the rock of planet earth & the love in your heart. Singer/Songwriter. Laughing In The Face of The Lion. I play concerts in Google+ Hangouts to sing for you live face to face. 

Because of you G+niuses, this summer I went from playing tiny clubs in New York, lugging my guitar amps through the rain, to singing for you, all around the world, overnight.

You can listen and grab my debut music - The "You Move Me" EP, my first Hangout Concert "L+VE" Album (live audio from the Hangout Concerts) and new singles at these sites:

On YouTube we can share videos from the Hangout Concerts and all the other travel, events and fun we have together! I also feature videos by you from our Hangouts, interviews and your projects inspired by the music. 

Since I signed up to Google+ this summer I've played 3 Hangout Concerts - The 3rd one was watched by over 200,000 people live worldwide!! :-D 
Our story has been featured in Billboard Magazine, I gave a TEDtalk, and my dreams are coming truer and truer everyday. 

For the first time I am getting to travel and tour to perform and I'm dreaming up big ideas to take you with me everywhere I go using Hangouts!

The best part is having the thrill and honor of meeting you, laughing with you, and singing your praises, alwayses. ;-) 

Together we're crashing the party, blazing a new trail, creating a global family and everyone's invited. 

Hangouts bring us together and make my concerts totally interactive and new every time because you get to be there with me. You can watch the livestream and click to get in. We rotate the Hangout seats as the night goes on to give everyone a chance to pop in.

I usually play for hours as the sunsets and rises around the globe... I love being with you so much I get too excited to get tired. 

I will always post about a Hangout Concert before it happens so you can watch my page and circle me to stay updated. I'm also open Hangouts to try out new songs, check in from the road or the sky, to just say hi to you, and to take you with me everywhere I go... 

Everything that's happening in my life is because of you. So I will always Hangout from everywhere to keep you with me. I sing, "Now I'll never be alone, 'cause we know where we belong..." in my song "+1 Me". I'm so grateful knowing I've always got at least 10 friends in my pocket.

After that rainy weekend in July, my big brother sent me an invite to Google+. I saw the Hangouts and thought... Maybe I could use this to play a show without having to lug my amps through the rain.

I didn't know anyone here the night I clicked "Start A Hangout" and held my breath. You can watch a video of what happened in the first moments of my first Hangout Concert

HANGOUT CONCERT 1: On July 16th, 2011 my dream of singing for people around the world came true in an instant. I saw the sunrise in Norway and little girls dancing to my song on a Sunday morning in Australia when it was still Saturday night here.

The G+niuses I met came up with the idea of rotating the "front row" seats in the Hangout so more could pop in to watch... So I played for 6.5 Hours straight. It was the best night of my life so far...

HANGOUT CONCERT 2: Performed on July 23rd, 2011 - Played 7.5 Hours straight this time it was also streamed live and over 9,000 viewers in 100 countries watched. :-)  

You can watch Youtube Videos of "You Move Me" and "+1 Me" from Hangout Concert 2.

My Guest Blog Post for MIDEM tells the story of my 1st and 2nd Hangout Concerts. 

HANGOUT CONCERT 3: Took place on August 20th, 2011 and I performed for just under 8 Hours non-stop. This time it was streamed via YouTube Live and embeddable players were shared all over G+ and the rest of the internet. The live viewers tuning in from all around the world could've filled Wembley Stadium a few times over! :-) 

You can watch the archived concert at

The "You Move Me" EP
My very first single, "You Move Me", was chosen by the G+niuses at my 2nd Hangout Concert and along with a few other songs it was recorded and released just in time for Concert 3. 

"You Move Me" has voices of G+niuses from all over the world saying the words "You Move Me" in Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Twi, Aramaic, Portuguese... It was the greatest honor to have my first song ever released begin with YOUR voices. 

What City Is  Your Bed In?
A meme from Hangout Concert 2 created this Google Map of The Global Audience ! If you've watched add yourself! :-)

"+1 Me" 
Is a song that started as a jam with me and +RAM Rich in our first Hangout Concert and over the quick week in between Concerts 1 and 2 it became a full song, a love-letter to that night.

You can download the free track of "The Writing of +1 Me" Live from my first Hangout Concert on our "L+VE" album

Global-Give Back 
Is also at the heart of everything we do together. By partnering with The ONE Campaign we helped thousands of people to sign a UN Petition to aid Somalia and The Horn of Africa, it was ONE's biggest night of that campaign and helped turn a concert into real tangible global change. 

I will always make sure there is awesome give-back tied into the concerts and projects we get to share here. 

Lots of exciting Hangout events, new singles, my Debut Full-Length Album and more are on the way! 

Thank you for being the greatest gift in the world to me.
I can't wait to meet you in a Hangout soon! 

Honored to be Your G+rl,

Bragging rights
I make raw vegan cacao ice cream. I sing for 8 Hours without stopping. I will Hangout with you. I know you are a G+nius.
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