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Yo yo ladies and gents! One second can go a long way, so make your #leapsecond  count today! Add a video to the Global Citizen​ :01 March For Women & Girls with me!  

Just click this link follow the super simple instructions! It's fun!

Basically you just walk... Toward your computer... Smiling a secret smile because you're thinking about what an awesome person you are... Knowing you're helping millions of lady people around the world just by putting your feet in front of each other... 


Ps. Thank you to everyone who already did it! We got a ton of amazing girlies... Now let's get those guys walking in some women's shoes... Figuratively ;)

Ps. I wonder if we can get some Google all-stars doing this? +Bradley Horowitz? +Natalie Villalobos? +Timothy Jordan? +Moritz Tolxdorff

Or some brilliant photographers!? Come on, get all artistic on this helping-the-world-thang... +Trey Ratcliff+Vivienne Gucwa+Lotus Carroll+Thomas Hawk+Victor Bezrukov?

#SocialGood   #DoGood   #March   #Women   #Girls   #Global  
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Merci, Daria
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Daria Musk

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Changing It Up 💇🏻
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Merci, Daria
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Daria Musk

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If a girl sings in the woods and no one (except a film crew) is around, does she make a sound? 🍃🎶🌳🎥 

Hey G+niuses! Is it summer where you are yet!? It's hot and sunny and thunderstorms are spiking the sky with electricity like excitement personified! 

I'm gearing up for the great summer-of-making! Content is gonna rain down like, um, rain! Music! Videos! New show episodes! Hangouts! Concerts! More! More! More!

It's all starting soon and behind the scenes starts now... This was a fun little shoot with a BIG camera... And a BIG camera man... 

XO, Daria

#VideoShoot   #Teaser   #TreeHugger  
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Ilike u like we meet................
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Daria Musk

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First Apple Watch Run 🍃🏃🏻⌚️

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Hi anty how much
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Daria Musk

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Hey, why don't you flutter by sometime 🍃🐝
Got my Apple Watch!!!! Woooo! So many little ideas for how I can hack this little cutie for music and silliness... 

XO, Daria

#AppleWatch   #technology  
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Nicely done Missy. I am waiting for the availability of
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Daria Musk

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Dinner with Jon Batiste be like...  🍕🎶🎉

In case you missed my last post... My friend – who's one of the kindest funniest brilliantest dudes on the planet just got named the band leader for Stephen Colbert's Late Night! Soooo I'm freaking out a tiny bit.


Ps. This video was taken at +Future of StoryTelling where any dinner party can break out into a jam...

#LateNight   #Colbert   #Omg   #throwbackthursdays   #tbt  
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Daria Musk

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Oh you guys! I wanna make out with America! The Supreme(ly awesome) Court just ruled that love is love... and everyone is equal!

It feels like the country – and the internet – just burst into an explosion of hugs and rainbows. No matter who you are or who you love, you gotta be smiling right now. 

XO, Daria

#LoveWins   #loveloveloveyoumoveme   🌈 
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It's not over, time for the attacks on personal religious freedoms to begin. Time to remove the true bigots from society and attack them at every turn. Josh Ernest said it himself that religious freedom is ridiculous. Time to remove tax exempt status from Christian churches that don't toe the line, unless of course there Muslim.we dare not go there., despite the fact that they actually kill homosexuals. this movement will
never b satisfied ,one more wedge in American society to further divide the U.S.A to further empower and enrich the political class who need social issues, manufactured or not, to stay in power.
Just remember this . this rulng by scotus is a double edged sword ,what the government gives they can also take away, the lawsuits have already begun.
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Daria Musk

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Shorter. Blonder. Brighter.
#Summertime   💇🌞 
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+Daria Musk When do you plan to do another song?  You have such a beautiful voice.  XD
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Daria Musk

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Oh James Horner 💔
If you think you don't know who this magnificent composer was, trust me, you do.

He's the heart and soul of so many of your favorite films, and mine. He'll be remembered for his melodies ("My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic) and his legacy (over 100 films scored, Oscars won, etc) but it's his b-side stuff, like the totally magical score to "Sneakers" that's moved me a million times and influenced the way I always hunting for those effortless unexpected notes...
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Merci, Daria
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Daria Musk

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Will You Walk :01 Second With Me?
Ready to walk in womens' shoes? Um, figuratively... 👠👠 Pleaseee take one second to make the world better a better place for women & girls with me!

I've teamed up with +Global Citizen and people all over the world to join the ‪#OneSecondMarch for women and girls and I need you to grab your phone and walk with us!!

All you have to do is click this link – – and press the button to record yourself walking toward your laptop! Then your video will be knitted to mine to make a virtual marching gif!!

Pretty please, take (literally) one second to do this. It feels so good to use our hearts, voices and... now feet to help others. No high heels required. 👠👠

XO, Daria

Ps. Please pass this on! Let's show 'em how G+niuses march!

Pps. Where my girls at? +Vivienne Gucwa, +Dolidh Young, +Neeta Tolani,+Alida Brandenburg, +candy javier sakai, +Veronica Belmont,+Mara Mascaro, +Yifat Cohen, +Dori Storbeck, +Leila Gemelli, +Ness Knight, +Kate Cushing, +Liz Quilty, +Hannah Hart+Amira Elgan, +Felicia Day +Idrialis Castillo, +Lerato Majikfaerie, +Raleigh Burke, +Jessica Northey, +Karen Cahn+Julia Sourikoff+Madalyn Sklar, +Lisa Miller, +Natalie Villalobos,+Shefali Burns, +steph wanamaker, +Shannon Cooper+Anna Lowry, +Hannah Feller, +Zoe Martin+Bettina Grießbach+Caroline McCarthy, +Liza Sperling, +Jeris JC Miller,  +Sibyll Hampton, +Natalia Cano, +Willa Zhou,+Amanda Rosenberg+Stephanie Van Pelt, +Jessica Noonan, +Becky Bowman+Sarah Hill... Of course boys are most welcome to walk too!

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Thank you thank you thank you everyone who's uploading their own videos! Keep 'em coming!!!!!
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Daria Musk

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Nothing is rich but the inexhaustible wealth of nature - Emerson 🍃🏃🏻

#EmersonRun #Nature 
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Very nice
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Daria Musk

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Your Indie-Artist Investigative Reporter Is Back On The Case 🌊🎶
Last month I asked, "Does A Tidal Wave Lift All Ships?" in an article asking questions and raising concerns about new musicians missing the boat when it comes to highfalutin (and high-priced) new streaming services... 

You can read it here: 

Now it sounds like TIDAL​'s Chief Investment Officer may have directly addressed our questions today in her keynote talk at Midem​! The plot thickens!

Apparently she mentioned two new initiatives Tidal is rolling out to help discovery and career-boosting for unsigned and unknown artists, Tidal Discovery & Tidal Rising. Sounds interesting... But of course I'm curious to know more. Is there an iceberg of dangerous details and weirdness below the surface? Or could this be a legit attempt to raise awareness and success for everyone? 

I will dive back into this and report back as soon as I know more!

XO, Daria

Ps. Please forgive all the water-metaphors ;)

Pps. Here's Midem's Blog about what went down today:
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I appreciate your investigation and am interested in what you find out.
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Girl. Singer/Songwriter. Crashing The Party. Laughing In The Face of The Lion.
Hi, I'm Daria. I'm musician fueled by the effervescent pop of the universe, the rock of planet earth & the love in your heart. Singer/Songwriter. Laughing In The Face of The Lion. I play concerts in Google+ Hangouts to sing for you live face to face. 

Because of you G+niuses, this summer I went from playing tiny clubs in New York, lugging my guitar amps through the rain, to singing for you, all around the world, overnight.

You can listen and grab my debut music - The "You Move Me" EP, my first Hangout Concert "L+VE" Album (live audio from the Hangout Concerts) and new singles at these sites:

On YouTube we can share videos from the Hangout Concerts and all the other travel, events and fun we have together! I also feature videos by you from our Hangouts, interviews and your projects inspired by the music. 

Since I signed up to Google+ this summer I've played 3 Hangout Concerts - The 3rd one was watched by over 200,000 people live worldwide!! :-D 
Our story has been featured in Billboard Magazine, I gave a TEDtalk, and my dreams are coming truer and truer everyday. 

For the first time I am getting to travel and tour to perform and I'm dreaming up big ideas to take you with me everywhere I go using Hangouts!

The best part is having the thrill and honor of meeting you, laughing with you, and singing your praises, alwayses. ;-) 

Together we're crashing the party, blazing a new trail, creating a global family and everyone's invited. 

Hangouts bring us together and make my concerts totally interactive and new every time because you get to be there with me. You can watch the livestream and click to get in. We rotate the Hangout seats as the night goes on to give everyone a chance to pop in.

I usually play for hours as the sunsets and rises around the globe... I love being with you so much I get too excited to get tired. 

I will always post about a Hangout Concert before it happens so you can watch my page and circle me to stay updated. I'm also open Hangouts to try out new songs, check in from the road or the sky, to just say hi to you, and to take you with me everywhere I go... 

Everything that's happening in my life is because of you. So I will always Hangout from everywhere to keep you with me. I sing, "Now I'll never be alone, 'cause we know where we belong..." in my song "+1 Me". I'm so grateful knowing I've always got at least 10 friends in my pocket.

After that rainy weekend in July, my big brother sent me an invite to Google+. I saw the Hangouts and thought... Maybe I could use this to play a show without having to lug my amps through the rain.

I didn't know anyone here the night I clicked "Start A Hangout" and held my breath. You can watch a video of what happened in the first moments of my first Hangout Concert

HANGOUT CONCERT 1: On July 16th, 2011 my dream of singing for people around the world came true in an instant. I saw the sunrise in Norway and little girls dancing to my song on a Sunday morning in Australia when it was still Saturday night here.

The G+niuses I met came up with the idea of rotating the "front row" seats in the Hangout so more could pop in to watch... So I played for 6.5 Hours straight. It was the best night of my life so far...

HANGOUT CONCERT 2: Performed on July 23rd, 2011 - Played 7.5 Hours straight this time it was also streamed live and over 9,000 viewers in 100 countries watched. :-)  

You can watch Youtube Videos of "You Move Me" and "+1 Me" from Hangout Concert 2.

My Guest Blog Post for MIDEM tells the story of my 1st and 2nd Hangout Concerts. 

HANGOUT CONCERT 3: Took place on August 20th, 2011 and I performed for just under 8 Hours non-stop. This time it was streamed via YouTube Live and embeddable players were shared all over G+ and the rest of the internet. The live viewers tuning in from all around the world could've filled Wembley Stadium a few times over! :-) 

You can watch the archived concert at

The "You Move Me" EP
My very first single, "You Move Me", was chosen by the G+niuses at my 2nd Hangout Concert and along with a few other songs it was recorded and released just in time for Concert 3. 

"You Move Me" has voices of G+niuses from all over the world saying the words "You Move Me" in Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Twi, Aramaic, Portuguese... It was the greatest honor to have my first song ever released begin with YOUR voices. 

What City Is  Your Bed In?
A meme from Hangout Concert 2 created this Google Map of The Global Audience ! If you've watched add yourself! :-)

"+1 Me" 
Is a song that started as a jam with me and +RAM Rich in our first Hangout Concert and over the quick week in between Concerts 1 and 2 it became a full song, a love-letter to that night.

You can download the free track of "The Writing of +1 Me" Live from my first Hangout Concert on our "L+VE" album

Global-Give Back 
Is also at the heart of everything we do together. By partnering with The ONE Campaign we helped thousands of people to sign a UN Petition to aid Somalia and The Horn of Africa, it was ONE's biggest night of that campaign and helped turn a concert into real tangible global change. 

I will always make sure there is awesome give-back tied into the concerts and projects we get to share here. 

Lots of exciting Hangout events, new singles, my Debut Full-Length Album and more are on the way! 

Thank you for being the greatest gift in the world to me.
I can't wait to meet you in a Hangout soon! 

Honored to be Your G+rl,

Bragging rights
I make raw vegan cacao ice cream. I sing for 8 Hours without stopping. I will Hangout with you. I know you are a G+nius.
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